The Lakers beat the Hornets

I'm getting a little pissed having to write "Hornets" at the end of these headlines. For those who care, the Hornets have now lost four preseason games in a row, and finished dead last in the Staples Shootout. And everyone knows that if you don't win the Staples Shootout, you don't make the Playoffs.

Action Jackson 

So how pissed am I about the Hornets preseason woes? Well, on a scale of Earl Boykins to Yao Ming — with Earl signifying "not really pissed at all" and Yao signifying "pretty damn pissed" — I guess I'm about a TJ Ford.

(That means I'm not pissed.)

So, no point spending too much time breaking down these games. They mean jack shit, remember? Here's a few quick notes…

  • Due to injuries, the Lakers had just four players.
  • Peja played better, hitting 6-of-13 for 16 points.
  • Tyson Chandler didn't play again as a precaution with that ankle sprain.
  • I was just kidding about the Lakers having four players. They were missing about six guys though: Kobe Bryant, Chris Mihm, Kwame Brown, Vladimir Radmanovic, Sasha Vujacic and Aaron McKie. Coach Phil Jackson was also out because he got a new hip or something.

  • My grandmother got a new hip, too. Or was it a knee? Regardless, she says hey.
  • The Hornets gave up 113 points, bringing the preseason average to 103ppg allowed by opponents. The Lakers shot 53% from the field. Byron Scott said afterwards…

    "I'm very concerned about that part of our game. That's something that we've emphasized is playing good solid, defense without fouling. With less than two weeks until the regular season, it's obviously some things that we have to get better at."

  • Maurice Evans torched us, dropping 11-of-18 shots for 27 points in 33 minutes. I don't know who Maurice Evans is either.

Can I stop now? There's a million words on the game over at this Lakers Blog, although, as you'd expect, it's mostly about the Lakers.

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