NBA Blog Previews: Atlantic Division

Published: October 5, 2006

The NBA Blog Previews thing is rolling along nicely, with all of the Atlantic division now accounted for. In case you came late to the party, that site will have previewed all 32 30 teams in the NBA by the start of the season. Each team is previewed by a blogger that follows that particular team religiously, like we do the Hornets, so it's a good way to figure out what to expect from each squad this season.

Here's links to the previews and their respective blogs so far. Click on them. Seriously, go ahead, you won't break anything…

In case you can't figure it out, the format up there is "The actual preview: The blog of the dudes who did that preview."

I'll be previewing the Hornets there on Monday. Kind of makes you want to pee a little, doesn't it? It's great to be thought of as some kind of authority on the Hornets, despite the fact that I'm just a random guy with no access to the team or players, who does no substantial reporting of his own. That said, if you have any issues you'd like me to address in that preview, throw them in the comments.

I'll even answer stupid questions. They're my favorite.

(Training camp update: Brandon Bass is impressing and Peja Stojakovic likes to shoot two balls at a time. Get all the latest from our news page.)

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