Matchup Nightmares

Published: September 28, 2006

After months of holding out for a big payday, Bonzi Wells is apparently going to settle in Houston this season for the bargain price of $2.5 million. (He has a player option for year two, which he's likely to ditch in favor of another run at free agency.)

That's not exactly the best news for us Hornets fans.

That Chris Broussard interview over at the Official a week or two ago got me thinking. Specifically, his thoughts on the Peja signing:

"I know they’re talking about starting him at the (shooting guard) spot. Defensively, I think that’ll be a challenge for him. I think they’ll look at having Desmond Mason guard some of the more athletic guards and have Peja guard small forwards at times."

Bonzi rhymes with Fonzi, that's allLogically then, the teams that could burn us the most this season are those with a high-scoring duo between the off-guard and small forward positions.

The matchup that hit me right away was the Nets. They have Jefferson and Carter on the wings, meaning Peja will have to pick up one of them while he's on the floor.

Staying out East for a minute, Cleveland (Larry and LeBron), Indiana (Harrington, Jackson and Daniels), Milwaukee (Redd and Simmons) and Atlanta (take your pick) would appear to be tough matchups for the Bugs.

As for the West, we've got Dallas (Howard and Stackhouse), Seattle (Allen and Lewis), the Clips (Maggette and TT), the Lakers (Kobe and Odom) and Phoenix (see Atlanta) all giving us fits.

Now we can add the Rockets to that list. Actually, they might top that list, which is a real kick in the tits given the division-rivalry thing.

Moving on, training camp starts on Monday. That makes me horny. Expect the Hornets to sign a bunch of dudes over the next few days to fill out the roster for camp.

Oh, and if you've got NBA TV you can catch the Hornets in camp next Tuesday at 11am. If you don't have NBA TV, you can't watch it. You have to do something else instead. I hear pornography passes the time. Try that.

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