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Red Out, Pelicans In

Published: April 15, 2015

The biggest games in Pelicans franchise history are (in very specific order): Pierre’s post beak surgery game, the first ever Pelicans game, tonight, then tonight again. It’s important the Pelicans make the playoffs in 2015. But it’s more important that New Orleans shows up early to see what happens in person. There’s two games tonight, one on the court and one in the seats.

“We feed off of them” – Anthony Davis

Shall we arrive early, be loud, and serve the franchise what he wants? We shall. Our MVP is calling us out. There’s no playing it cool here. He wants us in the building and loud. We want him to play here forever and bring us a title. Let’s give him what he wants first, yes?

“It’s an awesome opportunity. Our fans get a chance to be a part of it.
We get to do it on our home floor.”
– Monty Williams

Remember, we almost didn’t have an NBA team more than once. We have one now, and they are playing a home game tonight. We will arrive early, we will be loud, we will defend the Nest (note: defend the Blend has a nice ring to it as well).

“They better be there…better show up early. I can wake them all up if they want me to.” – Quincy Pondexter

I believe him. Quincy Pondexter is one of the most animated ball players in New Orleans. He wants us all in on this team. He is offering to wake up every NBA fan in the city in order for them to get to the Smoothie King Center on time like some sort of roundball Santa Claus. Q-Pon just rocketed up my chart for most endearing athlete in New Orleans. See you when the doors open, Quincy.

“We’re gonna need you (the fans)” – Norris Cole

We’re gonna need you to hit big shots and play stellar defense tonight. We’re going to show up so loud tonight that you’re never going to have to say this again, Mr. Cole. Let’s give each other what we want? Deal?

While tonight’s game is officially a sell-out, let’s make sure we sound like a sell-out. Let’s make sure our team feels like they are playing for a sell-out crowd. And let’s sell the hell out of every playoff game that goes down in New Orleans.

Chris Trew is a die-hard Pelicans fan, season ticket holder, and nationally touring comedian. His weekly New Orleans sports podcast Trew 2 the Game has been featured on the cover of The Gambit. Follow him on Twitter here.


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