Reactions to Game 1 v Trail Blazers

What is your reaction to Game 1?

Mason: Incredibly fired up. The Pelicans played three consistent, solid quarters, which gave them just enough buffer to withstand a predictable home team 4th quarter surge. AD and Jrue were everything we expected them to be, Niko and Rondo shined in their Pelicans playoff debuts, and the team as a whole played mostly beautifully on the defensive end. There are still concerns – defensive rebounding and the crunch time lineup are my two biggest ones – but for now, we can simply appreciate a huge playoff road victory and stealing home court advantage from the Blazers.

42: I wish I could be as excited as everyone else. I’m not because I feel like them winning is the most liekly outcome. Sure, I’m enjoying it. I was pleased with the big lead, expected a run, and satisfied that they never relinquished the lead. The offensive ineptitude that let the Blazers back in is, frankly, not something that is going to go away, but the defensive prowess that kept them in it is actually the most encouraging thing. They truly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Without Boogie. Portland: Watch it. NBA: You’re on notice.

Dru: I was very proud of this team. They started the game slow and could have easily folded in on themselves, but they stuck to their gameplan even when things weren’t working out and Portland runs happened. Obviously, Jrue and AD were great but Rondo did a good job of making sure the Pels control the tempo and Niko showed every aspect of his game and didn’t just become a spot up shooter.

Kumar: Adrenaline is coursing through my veins. It’s incredibly gratifying to see a playoff victory, especially on the road. I’m really proud of the team. Before the game, I tweeted that the Pelicans would trap Lillard and McCollum at every opportunity and let Nurkic try to make plays in the short roll. For large portions of the game, the Pelicans did exactly that. The downside of this strategy is that it can leave you vulnerable to offensive rebounds. The Pelicans did a tremendous job defensively, but giving up 6 offensive rebounds in the 4th quarter allowed Portland to make the game close. The Pelicans will have to continue to tweak their strategies and look for a way to fend off Ed Davis and Jusuf Nurkic from the offensive glass.

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