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  • The Big Conundrum

    A look into the success of Davis centric Lineups and what that means for the Pelicans The last few weeks unearthed a familiar trend. Lineups with Anthony Davis at center absolutely demolish the opposition. This trend goes years back. First it was Davis and Ryan Anderson as your front court – they blitzed opponents to […]

  • The Weak Link

    We are now 8 games in and the Pelicans have as many victories as I have Buddy Hield jerseys. (Maybe this is what is holding us back, I’ll test this and get back to you). The lack of success has the fanbase in a tizzy. Who do we blame? The coach? The players? The GM […]

  • Should Davis be shut down?

    Last night yet another minor injury that pushed Anthony Davis out of part of a game.  In the post game interviews, per Justin Verrier, Gentry responded to a question about whether they should shut Davis down for the rest of the season with: “I wouldn’t say no to that. I wouldn’t say no to that,” Gentry […]

  • Recap: Pelicans take down Pacers 110-105

    Your New Orleans Pelicans started the preseason off with a bang. Anthony Davis and Luke Babbitt led the Pelicans with 18 and 16 points apiece, while Paul George poured in 18 for the opponents. While the game wasn’t televised locally by either team, footage was available on International League Pass. Kudos to the readers abroad […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 105: Is Vasquez Selfish?

    Michael and I spend a lot of time talking about Vasquez, his game, his numbers, and his possible impact on Austin Rivers development going forward. Then Michael calls out Anthony Davis, we take turns calling out every player on this team that spends time at small forward, trash the team’s defense, and stare dreamily at […]

  • Game On: Davis @ Lillard

    That’s right.  Five years ago, it was Portland vs Hornets as the up-and-coming teams in the West.  Today, both teams cellar-dwell and their respective first picks of the draft are locked in battle for Rookie of the Year.  Game on!