In the NO Podcast Episode 105: Is Vasquez Selfish?

Michael and I spend a lot of time talking about Vasquez, his game, his numbers, and his possible impact on Austin Rivers development going forward. Then Michael calls out Anthony Davis, we take turns calling out every player on this team that spends time at small forward, trash the team’s defense, and stare dreamily at Ryan Anderson.

I’m growing a beard to be just like him. Except fat. And not 6’9″. Or able to shoot. Or rich. But other than that, exactly like him.

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58 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 105: Is Vasquez Selfish?”

    • Ryan why don´t you make a Podcast´entitled: Do we really hate Vasquez? It would be more honest from you than covering the situation asking whether Vasquez has the problem of being selfish…

  1. First off shout out from your International fan base, enjoy your podcasts every week. I think Vasquez could be a good second unit player,I don’t see Vasquez as our future PG, Ball security is an issue with his TO rate and he doesn’t always look for the simple play often trying to pull off the more difficult play, Vasquez Defense is suspect at best and because of his size and speed the quicker guards in the league blow by him, he also gets into trouble when teams put full court pressure on him bringing the ball up. Austin Rivers is making progress and starting to work things out with his steady contributions over the last stretch of games. Rivers progress could slow whenever Eric Gordon returns, Its also hard to define our back-court with out seeing Eric Gordon on the floor playing with Vasquez and Rivers. I think with Rivers showing he can score late in games, Gordon & Rivers should be on the floor together down the stretch rather then Vasquez. Brandon Jennings(who Dell Demps tried to acquire at the deadline last season) is a RFA and the end of the yr, you would think Dell Demps will make a run at signing Jennings. So I would expect to see Monty assessing Vasquez and his future with the team as the season goes on.

    • Many of the Vasquez’ TO happen because him to try to pass the ball to the goofy Robin Lopez. Lopez has no quick thinking and undermines any move. Just watch the games. The Vasquez’ error is insisting on passing the ball too much for Lopez. Vasquez suffers precisely for not being selfish.

  2. Hornets should be more than happy they didnt lost this game by 17+ the way they were playing till last quarter and i see some hornets fans and hornets players talking about the lucky shot but they have to remember the summer league Lillard did the same like last night and everyone knows he-Lillard is a great Shoter and had a 200x better season so far than any other rookie out there but yes its true it was one of his worst game but as we see even one of his worst game is still 10x better and much fun to watch than Davis best game Lillard will allways have better career than Davis even after he get his ROY reward he is being better and better every day

  3. Vasquez selfish? Are you kidding me? He has 9 assists per game passing the ball – every nights – to bad players like Lopez, Henry, Mason, Thomas, Aminu… And you still debate whether he is selfish? C’mon guys…

  4. Stats don’t matter. Vasquez misses so many opportunities and only seems to trust himself with the outcome of the game.

  5. These podcast always help me get through these difficult loses. It’s refreshing to listen to you guys to help aid our growing pains.

    All I want for x-mas is Vasquez trade!

  6. Ok… Vasquez isn’t an elite PG, but he’s a good PG. I would say that Vasquez might be the best backup PG in the league. And I don’t consider him selfish. I think the Hornets have serious problems in the SF position and need a reliable center. And I don’t think it’s fair to blame Vasquez for everything bad that happens with the team. Our team isn’t good, and the fault isn’t of Vasquez. He does what he can and misses more than the others because it’s he who has the ball in his hands. Rajon Rondo, who’s an elite PG, committed 14 TO in their last two games. If the terrible Aminu had the ball in his hands, or even Rivers, they end up with much more TO than Vasquez. Can you imagine? Anyway, I think you should be less strict with Vasquez. Chris Paul is already past. Try to forget him for just 1 minute. Just 1. That would be too much to ask? Thank you.

    • To me, you have to be more definitive in your claim, otherwise I won’t understand how you feel about Vasquez. You say that he is good AND you say he is the best backup in the league.

      A GOOD starting PG, by definition, means you are a top 10 starting point guard. Is Vasquez that? An average starting PG means he is somewhere between 13 and 18. Is he that? Or is he, like most people think, one of the bottom 7 starting PG’s in the league (aka-bad)?

      It is not about “blaming” Vasquez. If anything, I blame our FO for putting him in a position to start when it is clear that he is a backup PG, and you are right, a darn good one at that.

      But the fact of the matter is that he is starting and he is leading this team in minutes per game, so he has to be graded accordingly. I can’t grade him against backups when he is a starter. He is one of the worst starting pg’s in a league full of great point guards. Those are the facts, it’s not his fault, but it is what it is.

      • 12.5 PPG / 8.7 APG / 4.1 RPG

        Tell me how many starters (PG) have numbers like these? And playing on a weak team like the Hornets? Vasquez is currently a Top 5 PG inside the league in assists. I’m not making this up. That’s a fact. As it’s also a fact that many who throw stones at Greivis are kind of Chris Paul’ widows. I agree with friend baton_finn. Some people here haven’t forgotten Chris Paul. Our reality is another. Understand that. I’d love to have Jamal Mashburn or Glen Rice instead of Aminu. And I’d love to have Vlade Divac or Alonzo Mourning instead of Robin Lopez. But that was all in the past, like Chris Paul. Therefore, I would be quite nostalgic (in the worst sense) if I wasn’t satisfied with Vasquez. He isn’t Chris Paul and he isn’t an elite PG. But he’s doing a good job on a team that honestly bit helps him. And what worries me most is that some people who criticize Vasquez are here praising whom? Lance Thomas! I really need a tranquilizer…

        Ah, here it’s … Sorry, but facts are facts:

      • Well, there are 30 teams in the league. Someone would have to take the bottom 7… isn’t it? How much is NO paying for Vasquez? Is his value/cost ratio adequate for a team like this? You mentioned 20 PGs better than Vasquez, but how much are they earning? Are these better PG willing to play in a small market like NO? I think is unfair to compare GV with these better PGs without mentioning experience (overall and as a starter) and salary.
        Everytime Rivers underperforms, you and other people use phrases like “he is learning”, “he will be better”, “he is a hard worker”… and this last one is the most disturbing, because isn’t GV a hard worker? the other players are not “hard workers”?
        I believe GV has some good skills and also some bad skills to play the PG position… but you people always focus in the bad ones; I think he is in the top five rebounding PGs, and you haven’t mentioned this fact.
        One of your comments was particularely discouraging: you don’t care where Vasquez play because you are only focused in Rivers, Davis and Anderson. Well, let me say that as a team supporter, you should care about all your players, and try to think which is the best way to get the best performance from everyone; for the team’s good

      • Rebounds Per 48 Minutes Leaders – Qualified Point Guards
        REB RPG RP48

        1 Eric Bledsoe, PG LAC
        64 2.8 7.2
        2 Rajon Rondo, PG BOS
        105 5.3 6.7
        3Jason Kidd, PG NY
        72 3.8 6.3
        3Russell Westbrook, PG OKC
        107 4.7 6.3
        5Ramon Sessions, PG CHA
        78 3.4 6.1
        6Greivis Vasquez, PG NO
        95 4.1 6.0

      • These arguments are just stupid. Since when do stats mean everything? And you mention all these terrible players, but how about all the assists he gets when he dumps it off to Ryan Anderson and again and again he drains 3’s. Vasquez holds the ball until the end of the clock so many possesions and then dumps it off at the end. If the guy makes the shot, I would not call that a great pass. Also, there are so many oppurtunities for him to get even more assists. Last night for example he drove to the lane and had an oppurtunity to lob to Anthony Davis but it tried to float it over Hickson and got blocked. Look Vasquez has exceeded my expectations, but he just is not a good starting point guard. In order to evaluate a player you need to watch the game, and many of these little things turn into huge problems for our team. Also, what Michael is saying is that Rivers, Anderson, and Davis are our core. If we are ever going to be good we are not going to have Vasquez as a key player. This three players are who we are building around, and in a terrible season like this, their growth is what is most important. Vasquez may be playing much better than Austin Rivers and he might work just as hard too, but he is not going to get much if any better. He has established himself and a good back up point guard, but Rivers is only 19 and is going to get much better. He has shown the ability to knock down threes, which is surprising, but he does so many key things which is going to make him a great player. If you watched last night, even when he misses his ability to get to the goal is so much better than Vasquez. And opposing players actually fear him getting to the goal. One possession during the game he drove towards the middle and everyone came to stop him and he kicked it out to Anderson for a wide open three. No one does that for Vasquez. Vasquez is a good player, but just not a started. He has performed great this season for his abilities, but please do not look at his stats and make the claim he deserves to start. Maybe start watching the games. Do you notice how many times he throws to Lopez or Aminu at the end of the shot clock and expects them to score. These plays are just like turnovers and a starting point guard needs to be better than that.

      • So now we are changing the argument- I see. Okay, smart tactic if you can get away with it.

        He went from being a good point guard to a guy that we will acknowledge is one of the worst starters in the league, but we shouldn’t grade him on that, we should grade him relative to salary. Okay, then sure, based on that argument, Vasquez exceeds his contract. Congrats you win. But the Hornets still lose because they have a bottom tier starting point guard.

        If you only want us to grade players relative to their contracts, then we can do that, and in that world Lance Thomas is a better player than Robin Lopez. Brian Roberts is better than Jason Smith this year and so on and so on.

        I acknowledged that it is not Vasquez’s fault for being thrust into the starting lineup when he is not starter material, but if you want me or anybody else on this site to say he is one of the top 12 point guards in the league (above average), you are going to be waiting a long time for something that will never happen.

      • I think he is a regular starting PG on the low side and getting better, may get into top ten for a year or two in the years to come, and then back to regular. Not bad for the payment he gets, leaving salary space for top 5 SG and SF.

      • I never have said that he is one of the top 10, 12 or 15 PGs in the league. You have your reasons for ranking him in the bottom 7 starters and I respect that. I can not rank him properly, because I can not watch frequently all the other PGs, so I can only compare stats. I don’t have the “eye-meter” that many people here use to say that he will never be a good starter, he will never learn new skills and/or improve his game. I wonder, how you people can say that, and affirm without doubt that Rivers will be a very good player in 2 or 3 years? I am sure you know that Aminu and Henry were drafted the same year that Greivis (#28), and they were #8 and #12… How were the comparisions between the three players then? How are they compared now? How is the comparision with Cole Aldrich, drafted by NO the same year (#11) and today with a career 7 mpg?
        You said he is one of the worst starting PGs in the league… but you didn’t complete the idea saying “in one of the worst teams in the league”. So, which is the cause? which the consequence? Someone could say that Greivis sometimes looks so bad because several bad team mates around him..
        I don’t want you to grade players relative to their contracts, I just think you should be more “fair” when make public opinions regarding your players, considering other positive aspects. How does he compare with his performance last year? Has he shown improvements? Ryan even “missed” a very good oportunity of saying something good after the game vs Timberwolves. Has someone commented that Greivis joined the elite 15-15 club this year? Is not worth to mention?
        One last observation: don’t you think the players read and listen this blog? How many constructive critics can you find here? I really hope that the public and the environment at the arena is better than here…

      • Michael, I have a question for you: do you know about other elite or good PG (present or past) that have overcome the deficiencies you see in Vasquez? slow foot? high TO?

        What can he do to compensate his lack of athleticism? Which of his good skills he should master, to perform better?

  7. It is funny how some people looked at the game differently. Vasquez had turnovers early in the game indeed. But you can’t be double standard. He had 9 points and 3 assists in the fourth quarter. He brought the team back, then you are asking if he is selfish. Yes, he used a lot of possessions. The team doesn’t have a lot of options. You know what, Monty likes him because he can execute the limited plan the team can run at this moment. Bring Eric Gordon back or ask Rivers to be as efficient as last game, then you will see a less ‘selfish’ Vasquez.

    • Speaking of TO, the season Top 5′ (per game) in this stat are:

      1st – Kyrie Irving (4.0 TO pg)
      2nd – James Harden (3.9)
      3rd – Rajon Rondo (3.9)
      4th – Kobe Bryant (3.9)
      5th – Jrue Holiday (3.8)

      Well… Someone will say that any of these players is bad? By the way, Vasquez (3.4) is the 6th, tied with Dwight Howard.

      • Keep cherry picking stats that support your arguing while disregarding all the others. He is 40th amongst all point guards in PER, which I am sure you will say doesnt matter and will counter with raw assist numbers as opposed to advanced stats

        40th amongst point guards, and that doesn’t include Rubio and Rose, who have been out but are undoubtedly better.

        Just accept the fact that he is a great backup point guard. It is not a diss to him, it is a compliment for a guy who has exceeded what people thought he would be in this league

      • Well Michael, Vasquez is third in assists per 48 minutes with 12.6 only behind Rondo and Paul. Maybe you want a Point Guard that makes the points Hornets´Shooting Guards, Small Forwards and Centers are not making. Let´s bring Westbrook and forget about Vasquez. Westbrook will do whatever our SG, SF and C are not doing, and of course what vasquez is not doing. I agree Westbrook is better than Vasquez, but that would not solve Hornets problems.

    • Each has its own point of view, Michael. When Hornets247 omitted the Vasquez’ 17 assists against the Wolves showed clearly that can also analyze of the raw form anytime. Or especially when doesn’t like a player, as seems to be the case here.

      But I have nothing against Hornets247. I love the blog and I agree with many things that are written here. However, not to mention 17 assists for a Hornets’ player shows that in some cases you don’t cheer for the team, but for some especific players. Rivers? Anderson? Davis? Or… Thomas???

      • This is the only criticism I don’t get. We might be wrong here from time to time, but to act like any of our writers has an agenda is crazy. We are all Hornets fans and want this team to do exceptional, but the fact is that some players are going to be great, others average, others below average, etc.

        I got bashed for hating on Aminu and Lopez earlier in the year but I was just stating my point of view from where I stand based on my knowledge of the game. Gerry V and Ryan continue to point out that Vasquez has huge deficiencies because that is what they (and most other NBA observers) see.

        Saying Ryan is wrong is one thing, but acting like he or anyone on this site has an agenda is just simply incorrect.

      • Vasquez has deficiencies? Of course! But… Selfish? Do you really think he’s a selfish player? This is like some kind of persecution…

  8. This may sound a little crazy, but isn’t Vasquez the same size, if not bigger, than Henry — and a better rebounder? If we had a true PG, does anyone see a way that Vasquez could play the SF (a la Tyreke Evans)?

    Obviously we lose some rebounding vs Aminu, but we get a real offensive threat at the 3, something this team desperately needs. Trade Aminu & Henry; get us a replacement level PG, who starts, & play Vasquez at the 3 for 36 minutes a game, and we’d be a much better offensive & ball-handling team, and with Vasquez guarding 3’s, maybe no worse defensively as well!


  9. I always liked Jarrett Jack last year, I never really understood the hate. Hard worker, passionate about the game of basketball and a consummate professional. I really do miss him and Landry though I can understand why both are no longer here. I think in hindsight we may have preferred to keep Jack over Vasquez but we didn’t know Greivis’ lack of speed would ’cause this much of a problem for him. He can’t be THAT much slower than Rubio, can he?? Anyway, it’s good to see Jack and Landry doing their thing because they both showed the type of effort players should play with even when your team is destined to be a cellar dweller last year. Geaux Hornets

  10. Vasquez is a solid backup pg. He does make those around him better. But his stats are way inflated. He’s like Damian Lilliard. He plays a ton and when he plays, our offense is run through him. He is bound to put up stats the way we use him. But I would love to see rivers get the opportunities Vasquez has.

  11. Ryan why don´t you make a Podcast´entitled: Do we really hate Vasquez? It would be more honest from you than uncovering the situation asking whether Vasquez has the problem of being selfish…

  12. Vasquez has improved in many ways from last year. He is a solid pro with the skills to be a rotation guy and valued contributor….but….game by game it becomes more apparent that his inability to stop penetration is killing our defense and a primary reason for our putrid 3-point defense. Likewise his lack of speed with the ball limits our offense. He’s got some game and I like his toughness, but we need an upgrade at PG to challenge in the west.

  13. I tried to watch the game for both Portland and the Hornets with only trying to say good shot/bad shot for every shot taken. A good shot is a wide open shot, a squared up jump shot, a blow by to the rim, a clean alley op, etc. A bad shot is end of the shot clock fling/bail out attempt, shooting without being squared up with a defender in your face, over penetrating and getting stuck in the air in the lane with no where to go, etc. Now sometimes good shots miss and bad shots go in, but an offense should try to generate as many good shots as possible. Using this method I was surprised at how many bad shots the Hornets take in a row on offense. There were times where the bad shot count got up to 5! 5! in a row. And it happened several times.

    I am not down or up on Vasquez like so many on the site. He has some good skills and some things are lacking. I do believe can be an invaluable backup guard on a playoff team, because does have some unique skills.

    +He seems to have close to elite skills on finishing going to hoop with an array of scoop shots and floaters. It is pretty amazing actually that he can finish so consistently with some of the angles that he has to shot at.
    +He can find the open man on the break.
    +He can find the open man in a set play.
    +Because of his size he can rebound.
    +He can post up smaller guards and finish.

    -Decision making. I.e. When he goes to the rim he has the Jarrett Jack syndrome of deciding before hand to shot. Of course, he is a good finisher so it can lead to bucket, but he doesn’t ever do any improvisation with a dump off pass or kick out. Therefore, the penetration may not lead the best shot or even a good shot.
    -He can be pressured full court which leads to turnovers, bad shots, low shot clock. Hmmm, the guard should be the guy that breaks the pressure and makes the defense pay. Any NBA guard should take it as an insult if a defense tries to full court him.
    -Frustrating/Foolish turnovers.

    • Thanks man, this is the type of evaluation I’d like to see about every Hornets player: pros and cons. What I don’t understand in this forum is the point of focusing in only the deficiencies of certains players, in the recap of every game.. even winning. Many people here keep dreaming and wishing about possible replacements or additions, in “what if”, while bashing their own players. Is there a real possibility of finding immediatly a better PG? Right now, will Rivers play better the PG position than Greivis? or than Roberts?

  14. many people here don’t watch hornets basketball…they just google vasquez statistics and paste it here and try to make a case that he is one of the best PG in the nba today…sorry….watch him play

    • No one is saying he is one of the best. His passing is indeed one of the best though. People are simply saying you should give credit when it is due. He had bad games before, but he had two nice games recently. That’s it. Don’t exaggerate to make your point strong.

  15. Did you guys know Eric Gordon tweets rehab updates with the hashtag #silentasssassin.

    I have the good taste to leave that alone…but that is funny.

  16. You know what. I am done with this argument. I am clearly a Vasquez fan. But I am not unreasonably high on him. I have been watching this guy so long that I know he has limitations.

    On the other hand, I want fans and bloggers to be fair about players. As well as I know Vasquez, he wants to lead the team to win, but that doesn’t mean he wants him self to be over the team. He is such a team player. He keeps thinking how to get his teammate involved, fighting for the rebounds/hustles, of course taking shots when the team needed. If you blame the last shot he took, how do you know it is not Monty asked him to do it. So before you ask the question is ‘he is selfish?’, you should question Monty about what he said. Then I will know you are fair!

    For Vasquez, I wish him getting more wins than more points/assist. If the team can find a great point guard to start, I am happy to see him backing up. If not, I appreciate his fighting in performance every game.

    Btw, this is his third NBA season. Given his physical limitations, I think he has not reached the ceiling yet. I expect to see him doing more.

    • Out of curiosity- did anybody listen to this podcast, because neither of us even came close to calling him selfish.

      And with regard to being fair, Ryan and I have both said on multiple occasions that Vasquez has both the most good plays and the most bad plays for this team.

      Anyway, carry on

      • I didn’t have time to finish the podcast, but I did listen to some. I think it is just the title is too much eye-popping. Also not mentioning Vasquez’s 17 assists in Timberwolves game. I know Ryan was also thinking about the bad things that Vasquez did. Well, come on. Just mention both to be fair.

        Return to the podcast.
        I remember Ryan asking about if Vasquez controlling the ball would slow down Rivers development especially after Gordon’s return. I think that’s babying Rivers too much. First, I think he will still get plenty of playing time. Second, letting him do too much that he can’t do right now would hurt his confidence. You have to bring him slowly. Let him play if he can handle it. Otherwise, put him on the bench he can learn a lot there too.

      • Michael, I got another question for you. Maybe it sounds dumb, but here it is. Let me give an example here first. Player A shoots 10 out of 20 two pointers to get 20 points. Player B shoots 5 out of 20 for 2 pointers while he also gets 10 free throws using another 5 possessions. Why usually some people only saying they both take 20 shots to get 20 points, but ignoring the fact that play B used 5 more possessions.

        Is it because fouled by the other team is a plus?

      • Jack-

        I completely agree with this argument. Two free throws should equal one possession, so Player A used 10 possessions and Player B used 15 possessions. Have been saying this for a while and that is why I care more about True Shooting Percentage than points per shot.

        As for Vasquez, I really think it is a short term vs. long term thing. Neither side is universally correct. Each side is right but are talking about two seperate things.

        The pro-Vasquez people are correct in saying he is good this year and he is just doing what he needs to do with such a poor roster.

        The anti-Vasquez people are correct in saying that Vasquez’s ceiling is not nearly as high as Rivers or Davis and him looking for his own shot or dribbling forever is hurting their progress long term.

        This is normally the case when intelligent people disagree; you see that when you pull the curtain back that they aren’t actually arguing about the same thing.

  17. When a basketball player is described as “selfish” we usually think of someone who only looks for their own shot, and ignores their team mates (think “Kobe playing hero ball”). That’s not Vasquez, but you could describe him as selfish in a different way, in terms of how much of every offensive possession he takes up handling the ball. How many possesions have we seen him walk up, gesture to his team mates a few times, wait for the screen, try to make a play off the pick and roll, back out and go through the whole process again? You could make the argument that by handling the ball so much Vasquez is slowing down Rivers’ development. Vasquez can make some great plays, both making shots, and passing to willing scorers. But he can also be pressured into turnovers, and sometimes runs half-court sets at glacial speed. I think he would make an above-average back-up PG, but given the number of high-quality point guards in the league at the moment, I find it hard to project him as a starter beyond this year.

    • If Vasquez doesn’t handle the ball, who is going to handle it? Rivers? Roberts? Mason? Henry? Aminu? Our team is that. It’s what it’s. Vasquez follows coach’s orders. He does just what Monty Williams determines. And that’s not being selfish. This question should not even be considered.

  18. well everybody has their case….everybody has a point….like it or not our team is still losing and we can’t stop it…enough of the arguments…maybe we should talk about on how to stop this losing streak….share your thoughts, opinion and ideas….i love everybody who share their thoughts on this matter….the passion and love for the hornets is there…everybody is not giving up on the season..lets continue and build on it…i miss winning and i know all of you here are too….be patient….our time will come….so everybody PEACE…geaux hornets….we are one team here….

  19. Mr. Vasquez is not paid to be our starting point guard and someone forgot to include EG as our core including Davis, Anderson and Rivers.. Everyone else can be moved.. and there are major rumors on the net looking at Hornets players for possible trades…

    I don’t know whether Mr. Vasquez is selfish but he is not the talent level to occupy the role he is playing… In some respects he is like JJ running into the paint and getting slapped down… Why won’t they pass the ball and should he have taken the final shot.. or should he have passed to Anderson…

    A point guard would look for the hot hand… I sometimes wonder what he is doing holding the ball as long as he does slowing down the team.. And we are spoiled on Chris Paul’s level of talent and don’t we need a someone to develop at the position and it might just be Rivers… Just compare the foot speed of the two… Right no comparison…

    We begin with the return of EG… notice his talent level.. Then there are rumors that the Celtics are interested in Robin Lopez and we know the Lakers are interested in Ryan Anderson… not possible.. We could put Vasquez in a package for a SF…

    But could he grow coming off the bench… and he is cap and salary friendly plus we extended him…. We will be making deals soon improving the team… If Lopez the right big for us considering who we have.. Plus who caused the turnovers… Regarding Mr. Vasquez, his passes are sometimes great and sometimes terrible..

    For all his positives, there are an equal amount of negatives… Is Vasquez a better player off the bench.. He will get that opportunity with EG returns…

    • You and other people here use the “foot speed” as the only argument for Rivers over Vasquez. Perhaps your are right and Rivers is faster, but what other skills are required to be a good PG? Leadership and attitude?
      being an excellent passer and being able to find the open man? knowing when to pass and not pass? having a good peripheral vision? controlling the pace of the game the way his coach wants?

      Are you going to tell me that, right now, River is better than Vasquez in this aspects? or will be better next year? I think if the team wants to develop Rivers as a PG, he should start learning being the second unit PG. Why don’t emphazise more in this? Why insisting in Rivers replacing Vasquez now, when is clear that he doesn’t have the required skills yet?

      Even with his physical deficiencies, I am sure that Vasquez is playing the game the way that Monty likes it; otherwise he shouldn’t be starting all the games and/or playing 46 minutes in a key one

      • Perhaps we are all spoiled on CP3 but I don’t see anything but journeyman skills but look at a guy like Andre Miller compared to Vasquez… I am not saying throw him under the bus… so let’s assume EG is healthy.. Who will play along with him on the existing roster… Derrick Williams might be available.. and the Wolves need SG help… Waiting on EG…

  20. Who ensures that Vasquez cannot develop his game? And who ensures that Austin Rivers will not a new Julian Wright?

    I love Vasquez and think anyone who likes the Hornets should also notice the good things that he combines in his game. Tell me about Robin Lopez … Someone out there is happy with Lopez being our starter at center? Why don’t you never say anything?

    • Lopez is currently the only true center we have.. The Celtics are supposedly interested… In reality we need better back court play and more consistent shooting other than Ryan Anderson… Lopez almost never jumps and he looks like he is trying to develop a hook shot… Wish he would spend time with Kareem Jabbar…

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