Should Davis be shut down?

Published: March 19, 2016

Last night yet another minor injury that pushed Anthony Davis out of part of a game.  In the post game interviews, per Justin Verrier, Gentry responded to a question about whether they should shut Davis down for the rest of the season with:

“I wouldn’t say no to that. I wouldn’t say no to that,” Gentry said Saturday. “I think we’ve gotta be smart collectively, along with him. And like I said, I think we’ll know a lot more after they talk to the doctors today. And then I think there can be some decisions made. I think that’s something that he would definitely have to consider.”

The entire idea of shutting Davis down is fraught for me.  If he sits, the team loses – and I can’t complain since losing isn’t a bad thing at this point.  More Lottery balls aren’t bad, Davis not getting more injured isn’t bad.  Seeing young players play instead . . . oh wait, never mind.

Anyways.  This could be our David Robinson/Tim Duncan chance.  If they get a guy who turns into a star to put next to Davis, the team could be set for the next decade.

Or they could miss out on all a star and get a bust – and if they shut down Davis and he misses out on the 24 Million in bonuses for not making the All-NBA team, they could disgruntle the one real asset they have.  Especially if he’s not 100% sure himself he should sit out.

It’s a huge risk, but the best way to keep Davis around anyways is to get him a real running mate.  If they don’t have one of those in the next couple years, things are going to get dicey anyways.  So I say shut him down, make an obvious and loud effort to push Davis as part of the All-NBA team as a center (which he played more of this year anyways) and hope that’s enough if he doesn’t make it.

And then pray for that star.

What do you think?


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