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If you follow Bourbon Street Shots, or myself, on Instagram or Twitter you would know that I take a lot of pictures in the time that I can before games & at practice…A LOT of pictures. Roughly 600 photos per game. Out of those 600, about 80 meet my standards and are good enough to edit. Out of those 80 about 20 will get posted over the following days & the rest will sit in our site’s database waiting for an article that the photo can compliment.

My goal for this series is to show a few of my favorite photos and explain why I think they are decent. Whether it’s because of the composition of the photo, having some significance that shows insight on the player or subject, or because it’s just flat out funny. Some of these photos you may have seen, but most will be brand new to your eyes. Lets begin.


Coach Jamelle McMillan training Nickeil Alexander-Walker

In this photo we see Coach Jamelle McMillian defending Pels rookie guard Nickeil Alexander-Walker, better known as NAW. This photo was taken as Coach McMillan stuffed the ball into NAW’s chest to defend him as close as possible. You can see NAW’s focus & intensity in his eyes & that to me is the highlight of the photo. The entire photo symbolizes tough love & growth, which is key to development. Meanwhile, in the background we have Antonio Daniels sitting on the scoreboard talking to Joel Myers about only God knows what.


Brandon Ingram



Zion Williamson

Here we have Zion Williamson working pregame. This photo was taken when many still had no clue when Zion would return, but he continued to come out pregame with that big smile & bigger personality. Now, lets get to the obvious part of this photo. THOSE ARMS ARE HUGE! It makes no sense for a 19 year old to have these James Harrison sized arms!


Derrick Favors

I love this photo. I think it shows a lot about the man being depicted and that is the most important part of photography IMO. This was taken during the regular season debut of Zion Williamson, but as Favors practices his free throws he has an unbothered look on his face. His only focus is on his workout as the crowd and arena is buzzing. I am proud of this photo because I think it does its job of capturing the hard working & focused person that Derrick Favors is.


Eric Gordon

Just Kidding


Brandon Ingram

This photo is all about the colors to me. I really like the amount of blues & purples in this pic while the red banner is neatly lined up with Brandon’s burgundy du-rag with the red “Pelicans” across his chest to compliment everything. Brandon has a chill & laid back demeanor in this pic, but it also comes off with a confident look. As far as just colors, I feel there is a lot of balance in this photo.

I hope you all enjoyed this little photo journey and if you did there will be more to come soon.

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