Let’s Break Down This Weekend’s Select-A-Seat Event

What: A bunch of Pelicans fans, from the low level casual to the high ranking diehards, wandering around the best named arena in all of sports, scouting their view for the upcoming season, from the “nosebleeds” all the way down to the lower level. We should note that there’s not actual “nosebleeds” in the Smoothie King Center as even the highest point in the best named arena in all of sports is a pretty good view.

Who: Hopefully you! Definitely season ticket representatives. Would be tight if some players as well. But don’t count on it. But you can count on the players being at the games you’re buying tickets to. Probably. Look, let’s just move past last year and be optimistic about this year. Okay?

When: This Saturday, August 27th, from 10:00am – 1:00pm. There is nothing stopping you from attending this event and being talked into upgrading yourself from the 300 section to the lower bowl. Unless, of course, it’s your birthday and you have birthday plans but if I were you I would view this as more of a reason to attend the select-a-seat event and try to talk your season ticket representative into upgrading you at no cost. Fortune favors the bold. Get out there, kid.

How: First, let your ticket rep know what’s at stake. Tell them that you may not be able to attend because you’ve got some “big birthday plans” (note: it’s okay if your plans are not big, this is a fib we can all live with). When your rep expresses how they wish you could at least “stop by to say hello” take them up on their offer but only because “you love the Pels and wish you could upgrade and maybe next season you will.” Then sit back and let them offer you a bonus birthday upgrade.

Where: For the last time, this event takes place in the best named arena in all of sports, the Smoothie King Center, located at 1501 Dave Dixon Drive as well as in all of our hearts.

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