Pelicans Show A Lot in Loss to Hornets

After a 4 game losing streak that all but put the final nail in the coffin containing a lifeless corpse of an unidentifiable large bird inside, New Orleans came out and went down 17 points in consecutive games. But in both those games they showed some character, battling back to win the 1st one, and losing in the final minute tonight in the 2nd one. If you are going to lose, that’s the way to do it. Well kind of, some defense would also have been nice. But this team wants to come out and play to the best of their abilities still and I’m glad they do at least try.

Anthony Davis had another 40 point, 13 rebound game, his 7th 40-10 game of his career, but the most promising stat was his assist total of 5, second on the team to Jrue Holiday’s 6. Speaking of Jrue, in his 2nd start since December 1st, Holiday put up a career high 38 points and 4 rebounds to go with the 6 assists. It was the duo’s best game together, and both shot over 50% (Davis 14/26, Holiday 13/23). Unfortunately there wasn’t much help.

As I mentioned in the pregame, the Pels would need Anderson if they wanted to win. Davis and Holiday are a good pairing (obviously), but there is more to a team than 2 players. Anderson went 0-8 in 28 minutes. Road Ryno is real, and he is here to stay (for about another month at least). When he isn’t making shots, the other team is. Charlotte got anything they wanted for most of the night, and tho Jrue played fantastically, so did Kemba Walker, who ended with 35-7-7 and no turnovers.

The 1st quarter was a clinic in what not to do on defense. Losing guys in transition, late help on drives (Kemba had 14 in the 1st), poorly communicated rotations, and admittedly some good shot-making led to a 39pt quarter for the Hornets. It got better from there, especially in the 2nd half, but that is a big hole early to dig yourself out of when 7 guys on your roster are out. All in all, not too terribly disappointing a night for the Pels, and I look forward to watching some Davis/Holiday highlights tomorrow.

People will say the loss was important, Davis and Holiday getting those minutes together was important, but it is also important that these guys come out and fight. Devoid of a real identity or true leadership, building a culture is hard. Tonight and Monday night’s comebacks the Pelicans showed a lot, something that will hopefully carry over to next season. Next up the Pels flock to Memphis, another team suffering from the injury bug a little, this Friday (3/11). Tip off for 7CT. As Always, Flock Up

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  1. As far as the identity goes, there are many teams without one. What’s the cavs identity? LeBron? Lol I’m feeling good about where we are and that we’ve accepted the fact that Most of these players aren’t bringing us anywhere.

  2. Home Ryno: 46.7 FG%
    Road Ryno:  37.8 FG%

    And his defense is abysmal!  Letting him walk may NOT be a bad idea.

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