New Orleans Pelicans at Memphis Grizzles Sort Of

The New Orleans Pelicans (24-39) play in Memphis against the Grizzlies (38-36) tonight at 7 pm CT (UTC -6). The game is on Fox Sports New Orleans and the Pelicans Radio Network, 99.5 FM locally.

You can set the records aside tonight, because neither team really reflects their record thanks to a butcher’s bill of injuries. We all know Pondexter, Gordon, and Evans are done, along with Dejean-Jones who is less central to the team’s identity, plus Ajinca, Babbitt, and Cole at least teetering on the edge of playing and not playing. The Grizzlies are with Gasol for sure, and perhaps with Conley and Randolph also missing tonight, which would be their top 3 players in terms of minutes played and just being top players. They will also have Andersen and Wright in-and-out, have missed Adams all season, and just waived Chalmers (whom they received in a trade earlier this season that sent Jarnell Stokes to the Heat).

Still, the depleted the Cavaliers Monday, so they are no joke. Also, the depleted Pelicans defeated the Thunder, so who knows?

JaMychal Green can go off. Stephenson can steal the keys and run the Pelicans over. Vince. I’ve stopped trying to guess what can go wrong, and I’ve stopped discussing wins and losses.

Tonight, what I want to see is the Pelicans exploiting the mismatches they’ll have in the paint if Randolph misses. Just go at them. Win or lose, sink or swim, just die on that hill.

If Conley misses, too, Davis and Holiday need to put on a show. I don’t care if another Pelican touches the ball, just feed them. In the past 3 games, Holiday has played over 35 minutes each game and over 37 minutes on two occasions, so the potential is there to see said display if the conditions present themselves.

Just enjoy what is there to be enjoyed and hope the parts of this team that will persist into next season look good.

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