In the NO Podcast Ep 219: Amin Elhassan on Alvin Gentry

The Pels pick Alvin Gentry, and Michael and I pick Amin Elhassan to come on and talk about the Pelicans new Coach. As an ESPN NBA analyst and a former member of the Suns front office when Alvin Gentry coached there, we thought his insight would be invaluable. And he doesn’t disappoint.

After Amin, we spend time talking about what this means to the rest of the players as well!

Enjoy the Podcast!

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12 responses to “In the NO Podcast Ep 219: Amin Elhassan on Alvin Gentry”

  1. Great job with the podcast guys.
    Still not sold on this guy. I feel like we’ll be looking for new coach and GM within three years. It’s very easy to say that he hasn’t been a successful head coach because he hasn’t had very talented teams, but there may be a reason why he hasn’t had very talented team. Isn’t it possible the teams that did have talented players didn’t feel like this was the guy to take them to the “next level”. I just hate to think that the Pelicans missed an opportunity to do something special.

  2. The podcast was a home run fellas. Can’t wait to see what fringe players Dell will bring in to fit Gentry’s system.

  3. Love your work lads, looking forward to hearing if the new assistants/associate heads makes Ryan more comfortable and what you guys generally think of Pack and Erman (plus any others) in the upcoming draft podcast (if you have to do it earlier cast that would be awesome, i think you should so you can dedicate a full cast to the 56 pick lol)…. overall it all looks like an upgrade and its pretty exciting… so, when does next season start?

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