The Greatest Pelicans Commercial of All Time

Published: January 28, 2015

My feet and hands are as sore as they’ve ever been as I spent the majority of Tuesday giving a standing ovation to the Pelicans staff, Pelicans players, and whoever gave this project the thumbs up. Witness the triple-double of online promotional videos, the Bill Russell of ticket plans:

You need to see the original? Let ’em have it.

It is understandable if you need to watch both of the above videos a couple of more times to let this fully digest.

Next time our man Anthony Davis is at the free throw line late in the game, let’s give him a “Let-’em-have-it” chant on free throw attempt number one, and the exciting “M-V-P” chant on attempt number two. Hell, I’m not complaining if we go “Let-’em-have-it” on every Davis free throw from here on out. Hopefully the arena audio chief tosses that sound byte in after Davis blocks a shot. What I’m saying is the Frankie and Johnny possibilities run deep as can be and we should all be fully committed. The only negative feeling this puts in my bones is that I didn’t think of it first. Credit is also due to Ryan Anderson and Tyreke Evans for their actually tremendous performances of the non-special man men. Support this idea by grabbing some tickets right now.

In other video evidence that Anthony Davis is taking over New Orleans, here is a Vine taken post Sunday victory over the Dallas Mavericks. So far Davis is right about one thing – this is his city. He also says we’re done losing – I wouldn’t complain about a 37 game winning streak.

Chris Trew is a comedian living in New Orleans and behind the visitors bench in the Smoothie King Center. See him every single Wednesday night for the best weekly comedy show in New Orleans (located near Frankie and Johnny’s!), Chris and Tami. Follow him on Twitter here.


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