Preparing for the Weekend at the Smoothie King Center

Published: December 12, 2014

We have a basketball team, that basketball team has Anthony Davis, and that man and that team are facing off, at home, against two of the hottest teams in the league this weekend. There’s bound to be a lot of riff-raff at the Blender. Let’s talk about it.

FullSizeRenderLebron James and Stephen Curry are very good at basketball. To combat this as best we can from the stands, we need to be very good at cheering when our Lebron and Stephen make amazing happen. There will be woos at every Curry shot behind the arc and there will be oohs at every James dunk in transition. When Anthony Davis does that thing with his arms where they become four-five times as long as we’re positive they actually are and he blocks a shot or catches an off-target alley-oop, we need to stand up and yell. That guy is wearing a New Orleans jersey. That’s the guy who should be getting the loudest response from the fans.

There will be lots of Cleveland and Bay Area jerseys in the building, most of which are likely to be worn by people who have never been to Ohio and California. The NBA is more popular in New Orleans than most realize and so when a player is good, there are people who live in New Orleans that buy their jersey. Those people put on said jersey and wear them when that player is visiting. That’s their right and frankly, I’m happy they are paying attention to basketball. But those of us who take pride in our team, who read the analysis, we need to be bigger cheerleaders than they are. This is our team, our arena, our city.

I am so excited for the days that the visiting superstar doesn’t account for a fifth of the crowd. We’re not there, yet, this is true. But this weekend is the best opportunity this season for a pair of big victories for the team on the court and a pair of small victories for the fans off the court. Be loud. Or, at least, be louder than the people wearing Lebron jerseys. Especially be louder than the guy wearing the Miami Lebron jersey.


Chris Trew is a comedian that was named “Best Local Comedian on Twitter by Gambit readers in 2013 and 2014. Follow his personal account here and his sports account here. He performs live comedy in New Orleans every week at The New Movement.

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