Notes from Underground: Practice 11.6

Published: November 6, 2014

They were working on Eric Gordon’s baseline three point shot throughout the practice, he was looking good. Didn’t miss until I made a comment.

Tyreke Evans’ was the last guy at practice, working on catch and shoots from three point and mid-range shots as well. Balance will be key with his jumpshot. He was definitely stressing bending his knees a lot, and it will be interesting to see how that translates to live game action and being able to keep a triple threat stance. He did make a bunch of shots today though.

Luke Babbitt was out due to a finger injury. John Salmons and Darius Miller due to family issues, with Miller’s potentially lingering a bit.

Coach Monty Williams said “it’s still early, I’m not going to rush to any assessments,” when asked about the small forward spot.

Williams: “We’re not at the point, where I’m going to give our team an award for a defense, but we are playing the kind of defense that I think can help us win more games.”

When asked about Jrue Holiday’s and Evans dynamic when on the court together, Williams said “I don’t have to tell Jrue [Holiday] anything, sometimes he just gives Tyreke the ball.”

Williams: “In back-to-backs, your rotation is going to be different. At the same time, you’re still trying to get the win. There may be times this season where I play our guys 40 minutes in the first night and say we’ll deal with it tomorrow. I’m looking at the schedule, at the same time; I’m not looking at the schedule.”

Williams was not so high on Ryan Anderson playing the three, citing problems such as Anderson not getting back for transition defense.

Alexis Ajinca blamed his lack of playing time on his foul trouble. Williams said that they have to work with Ajinca on getting to his spits quicker, so he isn’t so “reactionary.”

Anderson talked about how the offense needs to cut and be active more. Citing the difference between the team’s offense against the Charlotte vs. the offense vs. Memphis.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the troops’ presence during practice. Anderson, who is always candid, expressed awe at the troops.

Our own Michael Pellissier asked Ryan Anderson about punishing defenses when they switch by taking them into the post. Anderson stated “Teams have been really focused in on me. Taking away my pick and pops. And obviously if they’re going to switch and put a guy who is a lot smaller than me, I’m going to take them down on the post. Last year I saw a lot of that, so I’m pretty comfortable with it. Previous years I’ve been doing the same thing every night, I’m a pick and pop guy. Or I’m going to drive it to the basket when I’m open. Or I’m going to get a wide open look, I don’t get wide open looks any more. So it’s a different game, I have to make adjustments to how people are guarding me.”


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