In the NO Podcast Episode 183: Asik!

Michael and I break down the Asik trade – what he means to the team offensively, defensively, salary cap-wise, and how he immediately upgrades the team’s boardwork. On the flip side, we talk his high turnover rate, how he quit on his team last year, and if we should be concerned about the fact his contract is only a single year.


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4 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 183: Asik!”

  1. Love the Asik fit in NOLA and hope he is a long term piece along with Davis, Anderson, Holiday, and Evans.  I see Anjica, Withey, and Babbitt in our front court and Pierre in our back court.  They are all so cheap.
    Wonder if the $1.5M we got from Houston effectively raises our cap space by $1.5M?  If so, will we be able to use our MLE if we renounce two of Smith’s Bird Rights, Aminu’s Bird Rights, or Robert’s Qualifying Offer, and trade the Ely contract back to Houston?  (Don’t see Smith, Aminu, or Roberts returning unless for near NBA minimum.)
    Cap issue will be interesting.  I would trade Rivers for any pick if it meant i could resign Morrow.  (Rivers’s Qualifying Offer, or whatever the phrase is, of $3.1M in 2015-16 seems way too high.  So I don’t regret losing him too much.)
    I assume the pick we lose must be 11-20, and am OK with that IF we end up with Asik on a 3-4 year deal at around $8-9M/year.
    Tonight will dream we trade Gordon this off season to get some cap relief, and hope it comes true.

  2. A-Seek and Destroy! That’s a great nickname! 🙂
    By the way, for the record, Aşık means “Lover” in Turkish.

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