New Orleans Pelicans MLE Tournament: Second Round Results Are In!

Published: June 22, 2014

This round was far closer than the last, as two of the four match ups were in the balance up until the very end. Like I keep saying, every vote counts, so let your voice be heard this upcoming week for the Semi-Finals.


Kevin Seraphin (51%) defeats Emeka Okafor (49%)

Andray Blatche (52%) defeats Jordan Hill (48%)

Thabo Sefolosha (57%) defeats Richard Jefferson (43%)

PJ Tucker (59%) defeats Jordan Hamilton (41%)


Andray Blatche vs. Kevin Seraphin

PJ Tucker vs. Thabo Sefolosha

This has been a blast for all our writers, and we hope you are enjoying it as well. Keep dropping comments and voting. And for a look back at all the match ups so far, you can click here. 


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