Pelicans reach fourth quarter against Heat, shrug and wait for game to finish

I could talk about how they played with good energy in the first quarter – how they drove and kicked the way they needed to.  I could even say they did that in the second quarter, and kinda in the third.

But in the fourth?  All it took was few plays, the Pelicans were down 12 and they apparently thought that was good enough.  Because the Heat weren’t running a quick offense.  It was simple drive after simple drive that drew three Pelicans because the guy defending the driver couldn’t do anything, then a pass to the perimeter, and the Pelicans would run full speed out there – so they could get a good look at the backside of various Heat players as they drove past them, hit a shot, or dumped it off to a cutting big man – who, by the way – would never have anyone paying attention to him.

This is easy offense folks.  You just have to try and be smart.  Yeah, LeBron will score some, but Chris Andersen molested the rim all night and no one stopped him.


3-9 from deep in the game.  I bet teams won’t pack the paint if we torch them like that.

Yeah, I’m annoyed.  You should be too.  At least go down fighting.

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  1. I almost threw my remote at the tv screen when I saw Monty play Roberts, Evans, Morrow, Steisma and Smith at the same time in a NBA game in the 3rd quarter. Wow. Why is Roberts playing over Rivers? Why does steisma have a pelican jersey on? Can we see what Miller has please?

  2. I think there is a difference between tanking, and only having a knife at a gunfight.  
    Face it, we were in way over our head without Anderson against the Heat tonight.  By any reasonable measure, the Heat are one of the top five teams in the league, and we will have a tough time beating an NBA top 10 team without Anderson.  That, unfortunately, is reality.

  3. looking on the bright side…our next 25 games look very favorable with a lot of home games and winnable road games…I see an 18-7 record or better over this span..

  4. right. i dont care if Roberts and Steamer are actually better than Rivers and Withey. im just flat out tired of watching those guys play… terrible

  5. i was joking earlier when saying we should tank, but maybe that is in fact the plan.

    i just wanna know what was goin through monty’s head with that lineup toward the end of the 3rd and heading into the 4th quarter.  we probably werent gonna win this game anyway, but we sure as hell werent gonna win with the stiemsma/morrow/roberts combo getting a large chunk of minutes that late in a (up to that point) close game.

  6. I’m done whining, I’m tired of Coach Monty. I’m no genius but I can google “basketball plays on both sides of the ball” and do a better job than him.

  7. Not sure why B-Rob isn’t starting or at least getting more PT over Jrue. Look at the stats. Clearly he was the better guard last night. 10pts 1 assist and 0 turnovers compared to Jrue’s 4pts 5 assists and 4 turnovers- a 5-4 turnover ratio isn’t so great. Granted B-Rob coulda been better in the assists and rebound department, but it looks as if he handled the pressure a bit better. Give him more of a shot!

  8. champsworld504 Take a look at the box score and Roberts’ consistency. What do you have against him? Don’t get caught up with the names on the back of the jerseys. Look at the production. 10 points and 0 turnovers compared to Jrue’s 4 points 4 turnovers? Yeah, Jrue had 5 assists to B-Rob’s 1, but that’s all more than made up for the with the number of points off turnovers Jrue had allowed.

  9. dxxpxx I want to flag your post for the shear ignorance you just displayed in this post. “I’d rather play big names over better players.”

  10. Are you serious? Do you watch the games. Roberts doesn’t turn the ball over cause he over dribbles until it’s late in the shot clock then shoots or passes last minute

  11. I can’t help but think that the layover in Indy had something to do with the loss.  After all, they didn’t arrive in Miami until almost midnight.
    I never expected us to be in it at all, but through the first 3 quarters we played well.  However, that’s been the story all season:  1st half and then DONE!

  12. Clef504 So you’re saying his dribbling around and consistency is worse than Jrue’s turning the ball over and the other team scoring points. Just because you don’t like what play the coach calls or the players on the floor with Roberts at the time aren’t hitting their spots or cutting through defenders doesn’t mean B-Robs to blame. When Jrue is out there it’s typically with the starters AND he still turns it over.

  13. bigindian It’s not trolling if you’re replying to a previous post and presenting stats. It’s not irrelevant info just to upset people. What’s wrong with a debate?

  14. out of the 4 guys I mentioned, who exactly are big names? and I thought I made it clear but I guess not… steamer and Roberts are terrible. Im sure you’re the only guy that would prefer Roberts over Rivers. matter of fact, I don’t know why I’m even entertaining a guy who believes Roberts should start over jrue. you should be banned from the site for disrespecting pelicans basketball like that

  15. dxxpxx lol I’m not talking about choosing roberts over rivers. My only point here is that Roberts doesn’t get enough respect. Every once in a while he SHOULD start (which he does every now and then). Look at what he did for the team last year.

  16. 504ever Especially when you consider both Tyreke and Holiday had off games.. Gordon looked decent attacking the basket though

  17. BrianHorwitz dxxpxx He exceeded expectations for a 27 year old undrafted rookie for the team last year, that’s why we ended up with the 6th pick.
    I’m not sure he deserves much respect

  18. BrianHorwitz Clef504 
    Are you even serious? Evans has been a beast lately up until the game against the Heat.
    Brian Roberts occasionally has a game where his last 5 seconds of the clock mid-range jumpers go in. That is literally all he brings to the table.
    Over the last 2 months, Evans is averaging 16/6/5.5 with 2 TO’s in 27 mpg.
    Roberts is averaging 6/2/2 with 1 TO in 17 mpg.
    It’s not even close.
    Give 7 of those minutes to Tyreke and you’ve got a guy who could put up 20/7/7 and then give the other 10 to Rivers who is happy to pass, is 7 years younger and can actually defend.

  19. BrianHorwitz bigindian yeah sorry man. Do you really want your starting PG getting one assist a game? B.Rob is a gunner, will always be a gunner. Is it cool that when the teams struggling B.Rob will put points on the board, of course it keeps us in games. That being said, he is not deserving of more minutes. He doesn’t create for others. Have you ever seen him hold the ball instead of lobbing to Davis or passing to an open Ryno…. yeah me too. DId Jrue have two bad games. Yes he did. He has been beaten up against Indiana and the Heat. But you are also talking about two of the top 5(top 3?) defenses in the entire NBA. They shut down Jrue. Doesn’t mean this dude can’t bounce back and his play this year is fantastic. 

    In closing no. Not Brian. He also played against the second team which kinda inflates your stats a bit wouldn’t you say?

  20. Sir Brow Just wondering what you all thought about Brian Roberts when all was said and done at the end of the season.

  21. Sir Brow BrianHorwitz bigindian
    Just wondering what you all thought about Brian Roberts when all was said and done at the end of the season.

  22. dxxpxx Just wondering what you thought about Brian Roberts when all was said and done at the end of the season.

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