Pelicans can’t defend anyone, fall to Jazz

Published: November 13, 2013

Despite Tyreke Evans finally finding his scoring touch going to the basket, the Pelicans still managed to lose the game to the winless Utah Jazz, giving up a 16-point lead built in the first half.

I’ll have more to say about this later, but for now, I’m just going to touch on the three keys to the game I gave in the Game On post.

Swing the Ball

There were seven swing passes that went side to side in the game, as the guards typically took turns driving.  Three of them happened over the last few minutes as Gordon and Holiday hit big shots to keep in contact with Utah.  I wish we saw more of them.

Pick and Roll Defense

Dreadful.  Awful.  Horrendeous.  Twelve of the Jazz’s last thirteen plays of the game were high pick and rolls, and the Pelicans stopped them from scoring on 2 of them.  TWO.  It was Diante “I was literally out of the NBA yetsterday” Garrett and Derrick “If you make me dribble you can have the ball” Favors running 9 of those plays.  And the Pelicans couldn’t stop them.  Son of a Bitch!!!!!!!

Play with High Energy

This I can’t complain about too much.  There were a few times I thought the Pelicans didn’t get back on defense the way they should, but they tried hard.


I like Withey.  He should play more.

Time to go mope.


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