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  • The Pelicans take down the Jazz

    Well, I suppose my pessimism in the preview paid off as the Pelicans defeated the Jazz for their second road win of the season. While it wasn’t a perfect game for the Pelicans, they did a lot of things right. Look, it was only our 7th win of the season. It is worth celebrating. Here […]

  • Game On: Pelicans at The Utah Jazz

    The Pelicans are in Utah tonight to take on the Jazz, who are coming off a pretty rough week. They’ve dropped their last three, but they’ve had a tough schedule including two games against the Thunder. Then there was that game against San Antonio… Of course, they Jazz couldn’t hope for a better matchup tonight as […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans Lose Handily to Utah Jazz

    The New Orleans Pelicans lost to the Utah Jazz to close out November, 101-87, in a fairly futile effort to close out their road trip and back-to-back. Davis played, 44 minutes in fact, as did Holiday, while Evans did not. Despite a great effort from Davis, the team came up short, and the game was […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans @ Utah Jazz

    The New Orleans Pelicans (4-12) try to recover from the loss last night to the Los Angeles Clippers by taking on the Utah Jazz (7-7) in Salt Lake City tonight at 8 CT (UTC -6). The game is on the Pelicans Radio Network (99.5 FM locally) and Fox Sports New Orleans. As players, the Jazz […]

  • Pelicans storm back on Jazz

    I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut with 11 minutes to go in the game and the Pelicans down 14 to the Jazz.  Up to that point, it had all the hallmarks of a trap game gone wrong,  The Pelicans were playing sloppy and had 7(!) turnovers in the first quarter and 11 […]

  • Game On: Jazz @ Pelicans

    When last the Pelicans played the Jazz, they were a scrappy 5-8 team looking to stay in contact with a .500 record.  Since then, they’ve gone 1-10 and are now cannon fodder for the good teams in the league. The Pelicans need this game so they can continue to weather a tough stretch of teams […]

  • Pelicans get the Win, and AD gets a new Career High

    This game felt strange. It wasn’t something in particular. Just everything about it felt odd. First off, the Pelicans didn’t have their own guys broadcasting the game. If you got anything, you got the Utah broadcast. Then, it was a late west coast game on a Saturday night in November. There is never a lot of […]

  • Pelicans can’t defend anyone, fall to Jazz

    Despite Tyreke Evans finally finding his scoring touch going to the basket, the Pelicans still managed to lose the game to the winless Utah Jazz, giving up a 16-point lead built in the first half. I’ll have more to say about this later, but for now, I’m just going to touch on the three keys […]

  • Dreadful Basketball . . oh and Game On @ Utah

    Tonight the Pelicans go into Utah – and I have no idea if they are going to win or lose.  Utah hasn’t won a game yet – indeed are losing by 14 points a game – and I don’t have any confidence that the Pelicans are going to win. It’s not the back to back.  […]

  • Hornets Take First Win This Season From Jazz

    The Hornets pick up their first win, 88-86, while dealing the Jazz their first loss.

  • Game On: Jazz at Hornets

    The 1-0 Utah Jazz come to town to try to keep the Gordonless Hornets winless.

  • Hornets Hold On, Beat Jazz In Mardi Gras Extravaganza

    Chris Kaman came through big, despite being a game time decision, as the Hornets held on to get a glorious win in their final home game before the annual Mardi Gras road trip.

  • Game On: Hornets @ Jazz

    Hornets try to get bad taste out of their mouth after last night’s blowout.

  • Jazz Shut Down the Hornets

    The Jazz beat the Hornets behind a balanced attack that saw all five starters score in double figures. The Hornets loss came despite Chris Paul scoring basketball points (incredible, I know) and… and……….. Oh, that was it. Nobody else really showed up. Even Paul’s game was subpar. After a first half that saw the Hornets […]

  • Game On: Jazz @ Hornets (Live Chat!)

    Utah Jazz (38-40) @ New Orleans Hornets (46-34) Pace: Jazz 93.7 (17th), Hornets 90.9 (29th) Offensive Efficiency: Jazz 104.8 (14th), Hornets 104.2 (17th) Defensive Efficiency: Jazz 107.5 (24th) , Hornets 102.2 (7th) The Jazz head to New Orleans for a game that’s sure to matter somehow, but it’s unclear how exactly. With a cluster of […]

  • West Hurt, But Okafor’s Miracle Shot Allows Hornets to Beat the Jazz

    The Hornets beat the Jazz in one of the wildest games in Hornets history, but the story of the night is going to be David West. He went down hard after a crucial dunk late in the fourth quarter in excruciating pain. Immediately it looked like a serious injury, but what the heck do I […]

  • Game On: Hornets @ Jazz (Live Game Chat)

    Matchup: Hornets (40-31) @ Jazz (36-36) Off Efficiency: Hornets 103.5 (19th), Jazz 105.3 (11th) Def Efficiency: Hornets 101.1 (6th), Jazz 107.2 (24th) Pace: Hornets 91.1 (29th), Jazz 94.1 (16th) Standings: Hornets 7th, Jazz 10th (4 games back of final playoff spot) Without Deron Williams and Jerry Sloan, a matchup that was once painful to see […]

  • Game On: Jazz @ Hornets

    Matchup: Jazz (18-8) @ Hornets (15-10) Off Efficiency: Hornets 101.4 (21st), Jazz 106.4 (11th) Def Efficiency: Hornets 99.3(4th), Jazz 103.2 (12th) Pace: Hornets 92.3 (27th), Jazz 93.6 (19th) What to watch: As always, all eyes will be on the Paul vs Williams match up. Deron is one of the few players in the league that […]