The Social Media Squawk: Numero Uno

Published: November 11, 2013

The world we live in is so much different than how it used to be. How we seek, gather and consume information when compared with generations gone by makes us look like we’re on seven different kinds of speed.

Social Media, across all its platforms, is the hub for quick and easy communication among fans, players, teams and analysts. It’s fun, annoying and all kinds of weird.

The NBA is arguably the best league when it comes to social media. There’s a community online that’s unique to just basketball that cannot be found in any other sport. It’s quirky and entertaining and actually enhances the on-court product.

I want to bring to you, the Pelican fans, the best that social-media has on offer. What are the players up to? How about our opponents? What are people talking about? And how is the organisation using this platform to engage us, the fans.

Plenty to talk about so let’s get into it.


For the Pelicans Opening-Night game the team’s mascot was revealed. With Twitter’s new photo-expanding feature, everyone’s timelines were flooded with some kind of clown chicken.

From that came some hilarious Photoshop efforts:


I think it’s time to stock up on ammunition. He’s coming.


Instagram is a photo-sharing application. Also people can create some fun videos too. Here is Anthony Davis looking at some light-up shoes in Orlando.


Jrue Holiday marries his sweet-heart last offseason. Ladies, no giving him a Facebook “Poke” anymore!

NBA 2K14 NEXT GEN – Anthony Davis

Just check out Anthony Davis in the new NBA2K14 Next Gen Trailer.

Oh. My.

Austin Rivers

A guy who has a pretty awesome Instagram is Austin Rivers. Despite sitting on the bench, Rivers has remained relatively silent (probably because the media hasn’t asked any questions), but also because Anthony Morrow is more valuable to this team. That probably won’t last much longer because the way things are going for the Pelicans they may need to shake things up.

Here’s some highlights!

Austin Rivers with his father Doc celebrating his birthday.

Austin Rivers going to see Captain Philips – I hope it was fun!

Austin Rivers gets a tattoo it’s called Arrived, as in, Austin Rivers Arrived. I’m not a fan of tats…

Love his instagram account. Really cool insight into his life and you get to see him as a person. Always working hard and I hope he can break out this year.

Best Fan Tweet

Chris Vasquez (probably related to Greivis but we can neither CONFIRM nor deny this) just realised that they are called the New Orleans Pelicans even though they changed their name nearly six months ago.

Opponent of the Week

Every week we’ll look at a player that we’ll be playing (or his team) and have a look at Tweet of his. This week it’s Kobe Bryant and these weird hashtags. Ensue:


Yup, Blackout and Bearhunt. Something to do with a hike gone wrong? Is he trying to get rid of Pau Gasol by blacking out the lights  and setting a bear free on him? I don’t know, but one thing is for sure the Lakers really need Kobe back.

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