Peeking Inside the New New Orleans Arena

Published: October 9, 2013

The New Orleans Pelicans held a Select-A-Seat event at the New Orleans Arena today. We used this opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see the renovations. As noted before (generally, and via blueprints), the Arena is getting some serious work, to the tune of $50m. The inside and outside will be changed. For those who will ask below: No, it will still have the green skin.

All of the changes this offseason were on the interior, and some were in areas that most fans will not see, such as the locker rooms.

Party Perch

The Party Perch is a bar in the balcony end, visitors’ side, that connects the concourse to the bowl. The bar itself is of moderate size, but there is good standing room with good sight lines to the court. The flat area above the bar is a bandstand from which live music will be performed.

A view from the lower end opposite the Party Perch

A view from the concourse approaching the Party Perch

A view of and through the Party Perch

A view of the court and bowl from the Party Perch

Those inclined can compare these images to the last 4 images from the blueprints.

Tickets in the Party Perch are $630 per seat for a full season, $560 per seat for a half-season, and $210 for a 12-game plan. The tickets exceed the typical balcony end prices by $126 over a full season, $280 for a half season, and $40 for a 12-game plan. The half-season plan seems like an anomaly compared to the general pricing pattern, and I’ve asked the team about it. Other than the half-season plan, it’s just about $1-$3 per game to sit by the Party Perch. Seeing it, I get the appeal. Call 504-525-HOOP (4667) if you see it.


The Loge is a more upscale area for patrons to watch the game. The area is totally sold out.

A view looking up at one of the Loge sections, of which there are four, one in each of 105 through 108

A view of the court from one of the Loge boxes

A view of Loge boxes, suites (also renovated), and two LED ribbons, the upper one being newly installed, replacing static, backlight signs


  • All of the concession stands are getting facelifts
  • While the major construction for this round of renovations is complete, there is a good deal of trim and cleanup that needs to be completed
  • The team store area is currently empty, but is set to reopen on October 15, subject to change. Currently, the Saints team store in the Superdome sells Pelicans gear.
  • The Arena has to be presentable by October 22nd for a concert, so much of the tidying in the fan-heavy areas will be complete by then
  • The most expensive seats are sold out: Floor A, Hollywood A, B, and the Loge boxes. Other areas are completely sold out or sold of particular ticket packages. This is a significant accomplishment.
  • As you can tell, ticket sales are going quite well, and this is due to many reasons including lower prices, offseason roster moves, and excitement for and confidence in the team and organization
  • In addition to the half-season and 12-game packages, the Pelicans offer a 5-game flex plan. It starts at $45 and you get a $25 Manning’s gift card when you sign up.
  • The function of the renovations is generate revenue for the team. The transformation of lower-priced seats into seats of greater value increases revenue (taking into account the lower number of the more expensive seats). Improving the suites and clubs will help sell those tickets and the additional sales of food etc. in those areas. The Party Perch eliminates some seats, but gives an area for people grab a drink and still keep an eye on the game, so more people will buy drinks more often. The live music gives fans one more non-basketball thing to do while at the game, since many people are there with people who are not interested in watching every dribble or shot. Improving their experience means they come more often, so they buy a ticket, eat some food, etc.And so on, all around the Arena.


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