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Trew 2 the Game #9: The Tweet-Bag

Published: August 27, 2013

It’s been about six months since we signed Tyreke Evans and nearly an entire decade since we scored Anthony Davis. Pelicans fans are understandably hungry for any kind of content. Have no fear, the Tweet-Bag is here! For the past 48 hours, followers of both the Bourbon Street Shots and Trew 2 the Game twitter accounts have been aiming questions towards my corner office of the New Orleans Truehoop Network wing. I answer between Mint Juleps.

I want the Pelicans to win game 1 almost as bad as I want the Saints to win game 1. That means I’m starting my best chance to neutralize Roy Hibbert and that’s looking like Jason Smith. Let’s take the Hoya as far away from the basket as possible. If it takes running thirty plays for Jason Smith in the first half so be it.

As far as the Chief is concerned, his playing to his full potential is about as crucial to the Pelicans success as the Saints winning game 1 of the preseason. It’s nice and increases hope but does it really mean anything? (I’m playing hard to get, Al-Farouq)

On board with most of this. Be honest, how many of you popped for the Nets as #30? I was on a airplane and actually lol’d but instead of really laughing it was more of a “Ha Ha” type thing. As I nervously scrolled through the rankings wondering where our Pels fell, it felt good to beat out the likes of the Clippers, Thunder and Mavericks. The best point he made is that no other professional or college team uses Pelicans – that alone counts for a lot in my book.

Lowe clearly wants the Pelicans in his top five, he’s just “waiting to see how the organization uses it”. I predict once our Benny the Bull-type mascot is revealed we’ll instantly skip pass Chicago, Houston and Indiana. His crush on the “Jazz” and the fact that it started with us should be enough to push Pelicans in the top 5.

Or we could just agree to start calling them the “Pellies” which I’m not prepared to do yet. He must first meet our list of demands which includes

1) appear as a guest on In the N.O.
2) start a Grantland campaign to have every All-Star game in New Orleans
3) agree to participate in my Fake Sloan Conference this February

With a career 6 assists per game, Jrue Holiday is clearly the least selfish of the bunch. He’s also speedy and has spent more time in Los Angeles that Evans and Gordon. That’s notable as the city has produced more Air Sex champions than anyone else (Shanghai Slammer in 2009, Sweet Child in 2012). Tyreke is probably fun in electric bursts and EG10 has that whole knee thing. I’m going with Jrue. If I get my way we’ll settle this for real at The Republic during All-Star Weekend, assuming Kevin Hart hasn’t already rented it out for the Dwight Howard Foam Party.

For any wondering, Air Sex is the totally SFW (depending on where you work, I suppose) sporting event I host, as seen on America’s Got Talent last year.

Popeyes founder Al Copeland once said he was “too poor” to afford an apostrophe in reference to whether or not his franchise was named after Popeye the Sailor. Tom Benson can afford whatever he wants (apostrophes, boats, bistros made entirely out of cheesecake) so I’m going to say that Pelicans are not actually called the “Popeyes of the skies” but if they were the answer lies somewhere in this video.

With no training camp or pre-season under his belt, here’s hoping that Monty is in experiment mode with this new squad. While we’re hoping, let’s cross fingers that he’s allowed to stretch his limbs out on this one, too. Finishing with Tyreke, Jrue and Gordon certainly seems like the most logical move but the most ideal move for the future is lots of experimenting. I’m watching the entire 2013-2014 season sitting on my patience porch. There’s plenty of room out here if anyone wants to join me.

I don’t get it.

Chris Trew tours the country wearing Pels gear and performing comedy but he calls New Orleans home. You can catch him regularly at the home for New Orleans comedy, The New Movement. Follow him on Twitter here and listen to his weekly podcast, Trew 2 the Game, here.


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