Sixth Pick Tournament Semi-Finals: Trey Burke vs. Alex Len (Part I – RAP BATTLE)

Published: June 18, 2013

In part one of this semi-final match-up, Mason Ginsberg and Michael Pellissier debate whether the Pelicans should go with Trey Burke or Alex Len if they both fall to the sixth pick. Part two will feature counter-arguments and a poll for you to vote for your choice.

In this part, Michael and I decided to utilize a somewhat unorthodox approach to make our cases for Len and Burke. He and I went back and forth via e-mail last night in a rap battle during which we both defended our players. Michael started things off, and we each alternated verses from there on out. For a deeper analytical breakdown of both players, make sure to check out each player’s victories in the first two rounds of this tournament. Part two on Thursday will be much more research-driven, including responses to the thoughts that you provide in the comments. Enjoy, and let us know what you think! (Michael’s verses are on the left and Mason’s are on the right.)

*Disclaimer from Michael Pellissier (a.k.a “MC Pellican”): I was raised in the ‘burbs and consider my work more along the lines of poetry- many people call me a young Shakespeare.

**Disclaimer from Mason: My rhymes are so good that I don’t need a disclaimer.


Trey Burke’s college stats may make you drool,
but they don’t translate, and that’s not cool.
So listen to this, it’s a basic rule:
don’t draft a point guard who’d be short in high school.


You discuss height like it’s the law;
Real talk though – it’s Burke’s only flaw.
He’s a purer point than Wolverine’s claw,
And Len? That dude’s just straight up raw.


Len’s not raw, that’s a misconception
But you know that, so it’s straight deception
I know a few things without exception:
You can’t teach 7 feet,
Size at the rim cannot be beat,
And don’t draft a guard who needs a booster seat


If anyone needs a boost, it’s Len
After hurting that ankle again and again
When the Pels pass him up, I’ll be saying amen.
I’ll remind you then, but I’m telling you now –
He’ll have a shorter career than Yao
And it’ll make for one lonely unibrow.


You’re gonna act like Burke can survive
Getting waxed by a center on all of his drives
Leave it to you to try to connive
He’s a nonathletic, small guard
There’s no way that he’ll thrive


If you think he’ll get waxed then I think you’re confused
Burke’s pick & roll game will leave match-ups abused.
Paul, Rondo & Lawson – all small but all cruised
And Burke’s better numbers keep me quite enthused
So before you keep making that size case overused
Admit the potential he’s already oozed


I’ll make the size case until you refute
That this is a man’s league
There should be no dispute
It happened to Paul, Rondo, and Westbrook to boot
And now bitty, bantam Burke won’t follow their suit?


The strength of a man lies not in his size
But instead in his drive for the ultimate prize.
Len may be quite tall, but it’s just a disguise
Exposed when his team truly needs him to rise.
As for Burke, you can simply just use your own eyes
The man only wins while his opponent’s dream dies.


Calling him “clutch” is just a misnomer
1 for 8 in the semis? Don’t be such a homer
How did college career come to an end?
With a first half on the bench, cause he cannot defend
He’s useless on defense, yet you would contend
That another bad defender will help us ascend
I’ve had enough, this argument must be pretend
So listen to me- this needs to be penned
Your Chris Paul wounds are screaming for mend.


Your Final Four trolling seems ironic to me;
Do they even keep stats in the NIT?
You bring up the semis but ignore Trey Burke’s D:
Carter-Williams’ turnovers trumped his own points by three.
All Len could do throughout this time is wait;
He has proven nothing, don’t bite on fake bait.
This argument’s over, there is no debate;
Vote for Trey Burke, not the life sized paperweight.


Part 2 will be posted on Thursday as Mason and Michael make their counterpoints to each other’s arguments and comments left in this post. So, let us know what you think!


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