Gerry V: 2013 NBA Finals Game #4

Published: June 15, 2013

Well now isn’t this something? The margins for the first 4 games in the NBA Finals are as follows:

4, 19, 36, 16

Neither team has lost a back to back in the series… Once again I am providing you with some conversational material to insure that you will not lack for meaty chit-chat over the weekend.

While You Wait for Your Table

Why did the Heat hammer the Spurs in Game #4?

  • Because LeBron James scored 33 pts and had 11 rebs… Dwyane Wade went nuts for 32 and Chris Bosh dropped 20 and secured 13 rebs… The Trio shot 37/64 57.8%
  • In the final 8:46 of the game, the trio scored 25 of the Heats’ 28 pts… Their total point production of 85 pts was the most they combined for in a playoff game.
  • The Heat defense played with the understanding that they were cornered rats awaiting execution if they lost this game… They forced 19 turnovers for 23pts
    • Better work at the point of attack
    • Help defenders+rotations were crisp and quick
    • “Help the helper” defenders were also on red alert
    • All three layers of their defense were zoned into the kill.

White You’re Now Seated at Your Table

What happened to Tony Parker in the 2nd half?

  • Miami located him early, and the help defenders worked in taking away those driving lanes
  • Parker’s hammy denied him those “live hops”… Leg fatigue set in
  • Lane space evaporated when it mattered… Alert Miami defenders

As You Pass the Bread and Order an Appetizer

Was it just Parker’s poor 2nd half that hurt the Spurs?

  • No, the Spurs could only score ONCE in their first 9 possessions of the 4th quarter
  • They shot 5 for 15 in the 4th and had 7 turnovers
  • Plus remember the Trio went nuts in the final 8:46 of the 4th, scoring 25 of the 28 final points… Wham!

The Waiter is Standing by the Table Waiting to Take Your Order and Says . . .

“… Also, gentlemen, you realize that Miami was 24/37 for 65% in shot attempts below the broken line, 37 of their 85 FG attempts for the game were below the broken line!” … You now realize that he just earned a bigger tip as that was one gem of a stat.

  • Miami knew they had to attack the rim with more aggression, and they did
  • They attacked early in their offense off the dribble and with slashers
  • Rebounding kept the ball alive
  • We made the point in an earlier post that the Heat like to run off turnovers, and Wade and LeBron got out in the open floor off the team defense
  • Miami won the 2nd half 60-44… Remember it was tied at the half 49-49

You Both Order the Filet

Miami attempted 15 more shots in the game! That must worry the Spurs right?

  • Misleading stat! Yes, Miami was +15 in shot attempts, but, remember, the Spurs got to the FT Line 31 times… The Spurs were +14 in FT attempts… when fouled during a shot attempt, that doesn’t go in the box score as a shot attempt, so the stat can fool you… Spurs were 23 of 31 ft’s.
  • The Spurs shot 19/43 “shots in the Lane”… 24 misses in this area… Miami won the Lane 50-38.

Dinner Arrives!

Your Spurs better win game 5 or its lights out for them in Miami!

You gracefully put your napkin down and finish chewing that delightful piece of steak in your mouth and lay this gem of a stat on your Miami fan dinner partner…

“In the Five Finals that the Spurs have played in, they have out scored their opponent by +40pts… 124-84… when the margin was 5 pts or less and 5 or less minutes to play”

You conclude your comment with a casual smile and propose a toast… Your friend has no comeback.

Both of you agree the series is totally nuts.

You pass on the dessert tray.

You Leave a Nice Tip

  • How can you forget and not appreciate that great stat the waiter gave you earlier? You can’t.
  • You venture into the night… The conversation continues… “So what do we do with the 6th pick?”

ENJOY Game #5!… Spurs bounce back… Miami won’t duplicate their game 4 performance.

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