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Published: December 18, 2012

Most of us are following Eric Gordon’s confusing, hilarious and occasionally  frustrating twitter account, which recently had a 124 character tweet that’s gotten the Hornets247 offices scrambling. Some of us are desperately looking to scrounge up more sass (because we can never be satisfied no matter what), others are replacing Christmas trees with Eric Gordon fatheads (because we are silly optimists). The tweet in question, in all its glory:

The good news is that his twitter background is him in a Hornets jersey setting up for a fadeaway jumper. But the bad news is that someone shot purple, gold and creole blue paintballs  at him. The good news is that they all missed.

It’s hard to tell whether or not Gordon is being sincere or not. Is he really excited or did someone nudge him with a “Eric, you should say something nice about New Orleans” elbow? We certainly know that he’s got a weird twitter account so anything is Kevin Garnett (possible). Let’s dive in to his feed.

Damn, EJ is just giving away RT’s? Can I get one for another huge Hornets fan who also can’t wait to see you on the court? Also, can the other tens of thousands of people who can’t wait to see you on the court get one? You’re going to be busy, Eric Gordon. Please don’t hurt your wrists.

Awkward. Who is One Leg Wonder? Is Eric One Leg Wonder? Let’s investigate.

Good news, Eric Gordon is likely not the One Leg Wonder. But who is the One Leg Wonder? What does he stand for? Can he help me save some cash in any way whatsoever?

Happy birthday, Eric’s friend! Thanks!

Some will say this was a mistake. I say it’s the first piece of a long puzzle battle that we are just beginning to fight with Eric Gordon. I. I what? What if his next tweet was ‘m so. Then what if his third tweet was rry New Orleans. I’ll stay on this case, everybody. Please alert me to any other mystery code tweets #10 spits out. Note: this tweet was RT’d 23 times.

This explains that press photo from last Summer (assuming that Aminu and Kaman are also Capricorns).

Phoenix, Arizona being the one exception to this.

“And I now realize that my heart is actually in Memphis because my heart is a Grizzly and well, Vancouver seems cool so Memphis must also be cool. Would also be cool to spend time with Big Country Bryant Reeves.”

Did Eric Gordon run into Roger Federer somewhere and beat him at something? If so, he’s being real coy about the whole thing. He’s practically begging us to ask him for more information.

There’s also a couple of restaurants. If you’re not already following Gordon for information on whether or not there are ever any concerts in New Orleans then this is clearly an indication that you should start.

Reminder that Eric Gordon was publicly upset about the Austin Rivers pick. Granted, a lot of Hornets fans were, but we don’t have to share a locker room room with the kid. Would be neat if Rivers brings this up during warmups or he passive aggressively RT’s him 7 months after the fact.

“I’m peeking at him from my bathroom window. Man, we both woke up at like 4:00am. I’m eatin omelette.”

The “F” button is right next door to the “D” button so I’m pretty sure he was talking about Hornets Dan, easily the second most famous Hornets fan there is. Honest mistake.



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