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Hawks Pull Away from Hornets in 2nd Half

Published: October 18, 2012

The New Orleans Hornets lost to the Hawks in Atlanta after another poor game shooting from deep. 

The Positives

– Anthony Davis 19 points and 7 rebounds on 8-11 shooting.

– It’s just the preseason

– Greivis Vasquez was magnificent in the first half, racking up 7 assists while committing only two turnovers.

The Negatives

– The Hornets lived (and died) with the jumper tonight. The first 11 shots from the field consisted of 8 jumpers from 19 feet or longer and 3 shots by Robin Lopez- two of which were jumpers. Only one shot inside the paint in the first seven plus minutes; a four footer by Lopez that was blocked. Ugh.

– The Hornets are now just 30-104 this preseason from the 3 point line.

– The Hawks scored about half of their points from in the paint getting 48 of their 97 from inside.

Moving Forward

We all expect this offense to struggle without Eric Gordon, but there is no excuse for what the Hornets have showed on the defensive end this preseason. Opposing teams are getting what they want in the paint and the Hornets have had a hard time getting back in transition after their long bombs clank off the rim. The hope is that when Gordon returns, the offense will be more balanced as Gordon will be the primary ballhandler in the pick and roll; getting shots for himself and others around the rim.

Jason Smith had his arm in a sling tonight and the Hornets were tight lipped (per usual) with regard to an injury and the resulting timetable. In Smith’s absence, Hakim Warrick got minutes for the first time in three games and had a reasonable stat line (8 points on 8 shots and 7 rebounds) but he still is a dead man walking on this roster. Speaking of dead man walking, Monty said he would get Xavier Henry minutes and he stuck to that promise, but per usual, Henry did absolutely nothing with those minutes (3 points, 16% from the field, 33% from the line).

Up Next

The Hornets play at Dallas on Monday in another game that you will not be able to see on TV. After that, though, you will be treated to 85 games of Anthony Davis as the last three preseason games will all be televised, leading up to our home opener at home against the Spurs on October 31st!


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