Davis’ Domestic Debut Downright Delights Denizens

Published: October 9, 2012

All statistics appearing in the article were generated in a victory against the Charlotte Bobcats. Any resemblance to playing real teams, regular season or preseason, is purely coincidental.

The Hornets dazzled hundreds of eyes tonight at the New Orleans Arena. First, they scored 35 points in a quarter. Then, they scored 11.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

I hate Dickens.

The Hornets showed their best and their worst on offense in a half where there was no real defense, allowing the Bobcats to surpass their 28 point first quarter output by an entire point in the second.

At halftime, a cow jumped over the moon or summat, real life hit the Bobcats like an Acme anvil hits Wile. E. Coyote, and they summarily `subpassed’ the Hornets’ offensive woes rolling out a 25 point second half.

Game. Set. Beep-beep.

For those that don’t believe me, here’s the box score.

Of note for those worried about the hundreds I referred to above, the “Attendance” was reported as 9,264. The full season ticket count is necessarily no more than this total.

Anthony Davis: Let’s get to the man of the hour-day-week-month-year-decade for the New Orleans Hornets. In 30m of play, he scored 22 points on 18 shots, grabbed 9 rebounds, added a block and an assist, all while amassing . . . one foul. Don’t let the one block plus zero steals fool you; Davis changed many a shot. He was moving on offense, tried a three, and even drove the length of the floor once, only to dump the ball off but failing to net the assist.

After halftime, Dell was out on the floor mentoring him, and of course he and Monty were engaged all game. Davis even tapped Monty a few times from behind. They are clearly getting on well.

There was a scary moment when Davis was down and sort of writhing. Turns out, it was a glancing blow on the baby-maker. He collected himself with a wide-arcing stroll to the bench. He showed no ill effects subsequently.

Austin Rivers: Austin had pretty much the same game that he had Sunday, but with only two free throw attempts. 13 points on 13 shots in 28m. His other stats are there, but nothing really jumps out. He made some good decisions and some bad decisions. He’s not afraid of contact, that’s for sure. When he finally eats enough Wheaties, he is going to be the cause of some headaches.

Ryan Anderson: We already knew he could hit threes. He was five of six. Other than passing to Davis for an alley-oop, that’s all he did of note, the rest of it all sort of balancing out, which is of note. At $8.5m per season average, you better do something else of note in 23 minutes. I have faith that the Most Improved Player, and frontrunner for Mr. Congeniality, will rapidly get up to speed . . . which is why we deal with preseason, ladies and gentleman.

Al-Farouq Aminu: I said to day in a Gerry V post on Hornets Report that Aminu has the tallest room on the team . . . the largest distance from floor to ceiling . . . which is why he interests me. Aminu was, again, regular old Aminu, but he had some stretches where he showed he could be a bottom 15 starter in the NBA, at least in my book. He’s clumsy, that’s for sure. He’s a country mile from being able to get his own shot, but he’s making decisions more quickly and is clearly working on getting to the basket and finishing, and he’s not bad at it. He’s still working, but the dude is worth some minutes, even ignoring the total inability to replace him at the moment.

Greivis Vasquez: Vasquez looked a good deal better tonight than he did Sunday. This is likely because he was not faced with top 20 guards. Nevertheless, the long point resulting from five field goal attempts fails to bother me. In 28m, he registered 11 assists, one steal, and no fouls compared to two turnovers. Kudos on the bounce back.

Robin Lopez: Well, well, wellwellwell. Forget that this section is for Mr. Lopez. 33m. 8 of 12 for 18 points. 13 rebounds. Two assists, two steals and three blocks compared to one turnover and one foul. Ok, now remember its Robin Lopez. Yeah, I know, right?

Slow clap anyone? It’s ok if it’s a confused clap, just make it slow for the effect.

Darius Miller: I am liking this kid, at least a second round pick for a team with issues at small forward, having like three-quarters of one on the team and all. 12m, 8 points, 4 shots, 0 issues with that. Sure, he was on pace for 16 fouls, we can cut the minimum salary guy a little slack. He’s a thinker, too. I like that. Keep it up, Mr. Miller.

No one else really did anything to impress me, so the absence of your high-hopeful from last game should lead you to check the box score, then perhaps fuss or wait for the dice to land favorably for said player. I’m trying to keep is positive here, at least for one post. Mostly.

Henry did not play, but Warrick managing to pull in a -12 in just 6 minutes in a 15 point victory. Do you know how hard that is to do? These guys are competing for the role of Sir Not Appearing Next Season. Hat Tip to Monty Python.

The team also made 14 of 26 free throws.

Ponder and grumble.

It was mostly positive.


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