• Pelicans Lose a “Close” Game to the Bobcats

    Results matter, but they don’t matter as much as the process. I know it seems like a tired old sports cliché, but it is true. Let me explain. A lot of...

  • Game On: New Orleans Pelicans at Charlotte Bobcats

    I became a Hornets fan when they moved to New Orleans. Before the move, I really didn’t have a team, and I really didn’t follow the team in Charlotte. Regardless of...

  • Trew 2 the Game #25: The Hornets

    This Saturday, December 21st, the Charlotte Bobcats take on the Utah Jazz in what is being called “Buzz City Night.” At halftime, Michael Jordan and company will reveal the returning Hornets...

  • EJ slices and Dices, Hornets rally from 21 down and Win

    We’ve been calling out Vasquez for months on this blog, and Michael and I have been speculating on the Vasquez-Gordon pairing on the podcast that entire time, both of us salivating...

  • Game On Henry

    Hornets @ Charlotte

    The Return of EJ versus Charlotte hoping to end a 17 game losing streak.  Which team will reign supreme?

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    Davis’ Domestic Debut Downright Delights Denizens

    All statistics appearing in the article were generated in a victory against the Charlotte Bobcats. Any resemblance to playing real teams, regular season or preseason, is purely coincidental.

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    Ariza Rejected Late as Hornets Lose to the Lowly Bobcats

    The Hornets lost a heart-breaker to the Bobcats after Trevor Ariza was unable to convert a last second dunk over Bismack Biyombo. Al-Farouq Aminu played well late in the loss.

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    Game of the Year On: Bobcats @ Hornets

    In the most highly anticipated matchup since Harry Potter took on the Twilight things, the Bobcats take on the Hornets tonight at The Hive. edit– Najera is out, so the big...