Austin Rivers & Xavier Henry speak after their first Summer League game

Austin Rivers & Xavier Henry lets us know how they felt after their first Summer League game

Xavier Henry

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  1. Well, he’s quick. He also has quick hands on defense. Aside from his first shot, all of the others looked off–even the other one that went in. He needs some work staying in front of his man. He also only managed two assists, but would have had five if people weren’t missing layups. I think it is easy to see the potential, but he will need some time and space to develop. Socks (Lance Thomas), Bowles and Roberts looked like beasts. Dyson changed the entire game every time he stepped on the floor. Also, Darius played some nice D.

    • Lol in Summer League it is very hard to get assists because everyone is looking for their own shot. Like the announcer said last night getting 4 is like 12 in a regular season game. I agree with the quickness, I was pretty impressed to see him get to the rim like that. He will learn how to finish better and when he gains some more muscle it will help him in that area.

      • Exactly. There is pressure on all of these guys to showcase their game in order to earn a roster spot. That’s why there’s a lot of ball hogging.

        For the Trailblazers, Meyers Leonard looked AWESOME. There was a time that I thought the Hornets would select him at #10.

        Austin looked more comfortable in the 2nd half with the penetrate/kick. He did miss a lot of FTs though. Here’s hoping he looks a lot more comfortable in the next game.

      • @Nate I dunno if awesome is the word I would use. He doesn’t know how to defend without fouling which will kill him in real NBA games. He had so many fouls.

      • @Nate… I, too, would not use the word awesome. Also saw Bowles push Leonard around a little bit.

    • I saw Darius play terrible off ball D! Xavier a little also because Darius didnt even play help and cover another man when the initial defender went to double and Xavier just got there too late, but had the right idea.

      On this Leonard dunk Xavier was too late. (click Leonard dunk in video section)

      I cant tell who this is but at the end of the video with Leonards monster jam just watch the way a hornet just completely walks away from an open Leonard! (I think its # 1 or 11 Miller or Dyson)

      Im not worrying at all because you know Monty saw these in the stands and will defiantly correct them. I really hope we keep Darius and also Xavier for when Gordon goes down haha.

  2. Bowles is the real deal.Rivers is ok but 73% of fans would perfer Lilard.Chris Webber is a two bit scum saying that this team will be in the playoffs in within 2 years does this bum knows that the western conference is weak and anyone can get the 5th to 8th seed.Demps have something under his sleeve before the season starts.

    • Really dude? Webber a scum bag just because he said we’ll be in the playoffs in two years? Webber is not just some random annoucer, he is actually pretty knowledgeable. I dont think its a stretch to think a team with 2 out of the 3 best players they have being rookies will struggle a year or two. We hope we wont, but who knows. lighten the eff up.

      • Webber is a scum bag because he took a ton of money at Michigan and then threw the man who gave it to him under the bus. And that man raised him and took care of him. Webber has no morals and is just a truly selfish person.

      • Also the guy has a contradicting comment. He says that Webber said we will make the playoffs and still attacked him as a person. Webber said we will not make the playoffs for at least 3-4 years and to manage our expectations which is true.

    • I would NOT prefer Lillard. I see him as more of an Iverson type (shoot first, ask questions later).

      I initially saw Rivers as that but after last night, I believe being a coach’s son will help him make the transition to PG fairly well.

      BOWLES!!! Guy reminds me of a player in the Zach Randolph mold. He NEEDS to be on the roster if he plays like this consistently.

      Our bigs looked great last night, except for Pavlivic (kinda dissapeared after the tip). X and Rivers got to the foul line consistently, but needed help making FTs.

      Thing I loved most about the game: Swarming Hornets D in the 1st half.

      • If I remember right the Blazers were at 29% FG at the half. They quickly turned that around in the third but hopefully that inspired our guys to never give up on D.

    • Prefering Lillard to Rivers is a non-issue. Lillard was off the board at 6 so we’ll never be able to blame Demps for not taking him. Although, props to those of us who had Lillard high on our boards if he does do well in the NBA (Summer league still doesn’t count as major competition).
      Calling the Western Conference weaker? Last season the eastern conference finished 474/516 for 47.8% and the West finished 516/474 for 52.12%. Seasons prior there was an even greater discrepancy in favor of the West. **The more you know**.

      • This*** No need even saying Lillard is better, or we should have picked him… Because he wasn’t available, so let it go.

      • Mathematics guarantees that if two evenly-sized conferences both play the same number of home and away conference games then if the East finishes at 47.9% then the West must finish at 100% – 47.9% = 52.1%.

  3. One Summer League game and Bowles is a beast and Rivers is just ok. And how do you get 73%? Lol this stuff is ridiculous.

    • How many assists would he have had if his teammates had made their shots?

      There should be a “woulda shoulda” Assists statistic.

  4. @ Lucas Ottoni..In Summer League it is easier to get a rebound (because most players shoot realy bad) than getting an assist (For the same reason)

    • It might also help that players that make the roster actually shoot better making it easier to get assist and harder to get rebounds.

  5. I read that the Brad Miller acquisition was slightly different than what was reported here. It stated that we offered a conditional 2nd round pick to the Tumblewolves (2013 I think). I can’t find any info on what the condition is. Anyone know anymore details?

      • Thank you 42, you are a beast. Didn’t you say you come out to Phoenix fairly often? One of the writers here told me that once. If it was you, I owe you some In and Out Burger your next visit.

      • I’m not there often. Grayson was there for a bit.

        I will, however, take a double double, animal style, fries, and a neapolitain shake when next I visit.

      • Boom! Deal extended to all writers. Or anyone in the Phoenix area who ever wants to talk Hornets. I get sick of trying to explain how basketball works to Suns fans who have talked themselves into Beasley and signing Dragic long term and reinvoking their rights to Arron Brooks instead of handing the keys to Marshall.

  6. If Bowles continues to play as consistently, we definitely need to sign him for a 1 year deal. This man put up 18pts, 12 reb, 1blk,1stl and couple assists in 19 minutes! He is pretty big for a forward at 247lbs and would serve as great relief for Anderson. He is probably big enough to dabble in center when need be as well. He produced very good numbers in the PBA and hopefully he can continue to do well.

    • Don’t discount the % too! I agree. I have difficulty watching every player on the floor (especially on defense) but I am going to watch Bowles carefully tonight’s game for sure!

      • Yeah I forgot to mention he was 8 for 12 from the field. I too will be watching him closely.

  7. Kempleton, thanks for the yahoo sports site about Bowles. The guy is unreal. I watch him last night against Portland, he was the most impressive player on our roster. The kid got skills and he can handle pressure free throws,base on what he did in the PBL Championship Game. To hit two free throws in the championship game with less then 2 second, when they were down two. I love a guy that can play under pressure, no matter what level.. Rivers needs to bulk-up, he needs to be in the weigh room NOW!! I love his quickness. He will be a very good guard in 2 yrs, not sure if his future is at point. He is several yrs behind Lillard. I was praying he would fall to us. I am greedy ,I wanted him and Davis.

  8. Give an big F to Thomas. This guy has more experience then any one on the roster, other then Henry. His has horrible court vision. I am going to call him Stevie Wonder if he plays like he did last night, tonight. Even Webber comment about him shooting on a 3 on 1.

    • An F seems harsh. Can I see the rubric? A few points playing devil’s advocate from the one game:
      A- After a replay on the play you’re referring to Webber noted that Thomas couldn’t have seen the open man.
      B- Thomas’ effort was amazing and there were a few plays he made that were all hustle.
      C- Dude got to the line and converted 6/8 FT
      D- 11 boards!
      E- We know who the guy is and he knows our system. He doesn’t usually show up on the box score and if he’s on the floor he will likely never be greater than the 4th option offensively. He is a fringe NBA player but may be the best option for us. He seems to carry the hard working attitude that Monty loves. If that’s bad news and you’re looking for ways to talk yourself into this guy being the 5th big on the team (Bowles bandwagon checking in) then check out the following link:
      His advanced stats are on par with the league average of starting forwards with the greatest disparity being usage. He’s not a guy I’d want on a team looking for a playoff run or hope for the future of the team but he may be a serviceable relief for our developing front line for another year.

      • I also like the energy of Lance Thomas. He was selfish during that fastbreak and yes, He messed it up. But, remember, Thomas is also very young. He was a rookie last year! I also do not think he deserved an F. 🙂

        Let’s get a win tonight!

        Geaux Hornets!

    • I’m fairly certain it was moved to tonight due to logistical issues.

      Ever download the swarm?

      I did it this weekend. It could help get you by.

      On the multimedia tab above.

      • I actually did listen to the swarm last night, since the podcast was moved. You did great, I will most likely listen to it every week now.

        Will you still make guest spots?

      • Who knows.

        I think the May on rebranding was a good one of mine that is still relevant. Rebranding.

        This week will focus on Arenas throughout the NBA.

  9. Where did all these illiterate Hornets fans come from?

    Points to take away from the game;

    1) Bowles had an impressive game, but there’s no chance he plays as well tonight.

    2) Like everyone else, Thomas was trying to get his own. He won’t even get an opportunity to be selfish in the pro’s, but SL is his chance to keep his spot on tr roster.

    3) Very little you can take away from this game in regards to Rivers’ ability to run the point. He will benefit immensely from playing alongside EJ, who will draw attention and open up driving lanes.

    4) It’s summer league, chill out guys.

  10. Rivers will be successful, eventually, in the nba if and only if, he finds a niche somewhere on some team that can utilize his special skills OR he changes/learns how to play the game as a team member and probably not the point position.
    He obviously is a good player but I think it was either stupid or silly that he was drafted to play the point for the following reason: he never played point guard before, his stats and his play in college clearly showed he was not a point guard, was not a “classic” team player, (he plays isolation almost exclusively), and his turnover to assist ratio was negative.
    Their draft of Rivers seems to make no sense.

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