Live Blog From the Hornets Presser with Tom Benson and David Stern

Published: April 16, 2012

I’ll be updating this page as the Hornets press conference with Tom Benson unfolds starting at around 2 pm CT. For instant updates follow me on twitter

I’m sitting with Jason in front of the press table awaiting for Benson, Stern, Landrieu, and Jindal to arrive. There are two TV’s set up with Hornets logos around the four man podium. The rebrand hasn’t happened… yet.

I’m expecting to hear about the Arena updates, the All-Star game, a practice facility, the rebrand, and of course, Drew Brees. There are a number of reporters here who I expect were sent mostly for that reason.

The VIP’s (Hugh, Jac, Politicians) are filing in. Jindal, Stern, Landrieu and Benson followed behind. It’s time!

Stern is thanking everyone, praising the Benson’s, the Mayor, the Governor, and the people in New Orleans.

“I do want to than kfrom the bottom of my heart, Hugh Weber.”– David Stern

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