Hornets Have Not Discussed Buying Out Kaman’s Contract. Miami Future In Doubt

In a pre-game press conference, Hornets GM Dell Demps said the team has not thought about buying out center Chris Kaman.

Demps did say that nothing was certain when asked if he could absolutely say Kaman would remain with the team for the rest of the season. Additionally, Demps hinted that Kaman could be resigned by when he said the team has been very impressed with him and that his story with the Hornets is not over yet.

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  1. Yes 1st one!! I think it would be great to keep kaman if we can’t acquire JMG OR Roy hibb next season . We also need for next year a healthy Bunch of scorers along w/a dynamic passer and a well balanced head coach for next season!

    • Monty is a very good coach, if you’re trying to say we should get a new coach. It’s just been a tough season with so many new players, injuries, and compressed schedule.

  2. I would argue that Monty is a top 10 coach. How many guys could keep his team playing hard in a season like ours? Look at places like Portland, New York, Washington, etc. where they clearly quit on their coach and don’t even look like they’re trying most games.

  3. Yea that maybe true, but if Monty really was a top 10 coach like you say then why aren’t we even close to top 10 materials, and only thing I don’t like about Monty is his philosophy. Yea defense wins championships, buy what’s the point if you have no offense,no fan base, and only one strategy. Defense, Defense, Defense. Tell me something hornets fan can team of boxers defeat a team mix martial artists. No! So why think that only defense can get you anywhere, that’s why I say well balanced coach. My point is he needs to mix it up as a great combination of offense & defense. I really don’t think we should exactly FIRE HIM. I jus the we should denote him to ass. Coach. By the way I never said he wasn’t a very good coach, but he’s not top 10 material

    • Well the Hornets best 2 players left, our best player in Eric Gordon is out and half of our other starters are out, how could you blame Monty for us being bad this season he has only been here a season??

  4. I don’t think Monty is a bad coach but I do think he needs to do a little better with 4th quarter strategy!!!

    • Lost to charlotte and D.C. Tank job man, tank job… It’s not about coaching it’s all about strategy. I’ts time for the franchise to land the number one pick for the first time.

  5. I know a lot of Nola fans have faith in Mr. Demps, but I’m don’t think he’s the GM for us. 1st the Lakers deal and now the Kaman thing. Luckily David “Gotti” Stern of all people (with an assist from all the other owners) was the one to swoop in and save us from that Lakers/Rockets deal.

    Now for Kaman to have any vaule for us he has to choose to sign with us at a reasonable price. Now even if we do end up drafting Drummond or any other C prospect he won’t get much playing time because we have two NBA starting centers.

    I for the life of me can’t figure out why he choose to just hold on to Kaman.

    • Aren’t you assuming Dell had a choice? What if there were no offers for Kaman? Or the offers were so ridiculous that no GM would accept them?(Maybe the reason the Houston chose Camby is they preferred Camby over Kaman.)

      What if Kaman resigns with the Hornets for 2 years at around the mid level exemption? Is that a reasonable enough salary for you? It’s short enough that the Hornets could let any ‘prospect’ 2012 draft choice C develop and step into a bigger role.

      • It’s been reported that the Wizards offer the same deal Denver got. Also that Houston wanted to deal for Kaman, but we turned it down. If the league is handcuffing Dell this much then he should quit.

      • After talking to both Monty and Dell pre-game, it doesn’t seem like there were any real offers for Kaman. Both said nothing was even close to happening.

      • Throne,

        Are you really saying the Wizards would value Kaman as much as Nene’? Offer the same for both?

        There is no way.

      • 504ever

        That’s what David Aldridge said on NBA Gametime. I’m not just making it up.

      • Not to mention that Drummond won’t be getting more than 20 a night for his first two years in the league.. At least.

        He’s a serious draft on potential pick.

        Also, if we sign kaman we will move Okafor for sure. No point having both. Pretty sure demps knows that as neither of them can really play as a PF. Particularly if we get one of Davis, Sullinger or Robinson as they’ll all be able to walk into 30 minutes a night.

        Link to this report about the wizards offering us mcgee. I seriosuly doubt anyone would pass that up as we wouldn’t even be lokced in to paying him after this year..

  6. The hornets about to get blew out by one of the worst teams in the league!!! We lost to the worst team last week(bobcats) now we will lose tonight to the second worst team!!! And like I said a month ago and people jumped all down my throat that the hornets or the worst team in the NBA!!!

  7. The Hornets without 4 or 5 of their top 7 or 8 players may be the worst team in the league. Big surprise. Pick any team in the league and take away their top shooting guard, their starting center, their starting power forward, and their 6th man (plus assorted games from their other two starters) and see how they perform. Yeah, if we weren’t tanking half those guys could be playing, but to blame Monty or Dell for a bad roster is a bit ridiculous….

    • Well tell me how come until all the players you speaking of went down we started winning!!! And I can bet if Jack would have stayed hurt a little longer we probably would have a few more wins!!!

  8. Throne, shut up please! You are clueless to logistics of this team for “this” particular year! Damn, u just don’t get it!!!!

  9. We are all Hornets fan here i hope, we are Hornets nation, Hornets universe.

    I respect all-different opinion. It’s clear than sunshine Hornets have too much injury in this season but the last 3 L is strange for me.

    I understand Da ThRone because when Hornets lose (especially game in Chicago, or last three) i’m angry than a tyrannosaurus!
    This is not secret, when the team lose against Bobcats or Wizards, is unsatisfying.

    I hope this season ending well and we have a competitive team next year.

    I hope someone have change opinion about Belinelli.

    Is clear this horrible year is the purgatory for the future.
    I can’t understand why someone to consider only Belinelli (ok, not compare with Gordon) a the weak point in the team. Belly don’t play at this level this year because the team have much problem and don’t take the good rythm (CP3 assist last year) for his shot.
    This young team which go up and down.

    However tonigh G:

    Belinelli 13,05 Min, 08 PT., 4/8, 2 REB, 2 A, 1 ST, 2 TO, 1 BK, 1 BA.
    Vasquez 37,05 Min, 10 PT., 4/9, 2 REB, 6 A, 1 ST, 4 TO, 0 BK, 0 BA.
    J. Jack 40,14 Min, 11 PT., 5/11, 2 REB, 5 A, 0 ST, 1 TO, 0 BK, 0 BA.

    Geaux Hornets ever!

  10. The way I see it losing to the bobcats and the wiz at this point couldn’t be better.

    Obviously no one wants to lose but when we are gunning for a potential franchise player with the first pick every little percentage point helps. I’d imagine some of the injurred players couldve been given more burn but why take the risk when you aren’t really trying all that hard to win in the first place. Who wants to be stuck in GSW’s position relying on two injury prone players to even make the playoffs next year.

    Also, K-Love might be injured now too. If he spends two weeks out the value of that t-wolved pick sky rockets.
    Don’t forget we still have a couple weeks pre-draft/season to make trades using that pick, our pick, Kaman, Mek, Ariza, Ayon..
    All of the above could be coveted by the right buyer. No harm i sliding down the draft a couple spots if someone really wants a top 3 pick and the only top 3 prospect we really want is likely to go to another team.
    We could theoretically trade pick 2 for pick 6 and still land with barnes + a young player with upside or something along those lines.

  11. I couldn’t be happier that the Hornets are losing to the bottom feeders. This upcoming draft could seriously make or break the next decade for this franchise, and I’m more than willing to suffer through a series of losses/injuries/tanking to enjoy some fantastic basketball for many years!

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