Bullets From the Hornets Preseason Win Over the Grizzlies

Hornets beat the Grizzlies 95-80. Here’s what you need to know.

Player Notes

  • Chris Kaman can put the ball in the bucket. I underestimated just how good he actually is down low. He also has a sweet Chewbacca noise that plays after he scores. Nice. It’s my new favorite sound. Also, he’s a really good passer. Glad to have him on the team.
  • Eric Gordon can also put the ball in the bucket. I correctly estimated how good he was at that, though. Watching him shoot threes is a thing of beauty. Such a nice soft touch. You can imagine that he just gets all the rolls in the world. He’s also the menace we thought he would be when he gets inside.
  • Farouq is RAW. Very, very raw. I’d say Q-Pon is remarkably more polished already. Monty Williams is the reason why. Can’t wait to see what he does if Aminu is as dedicated to improving as Pondexter seems to be. He played some time at the 4, which he will probably occasionally when the Hornets decide to go small. He had quite a few fouls. No biggie.
  • Sometime in the past 8 months or so Jason Smith turned a corner and become a two-way player. Last year I wasn’t the most optimistic about him or his future, but all of a sudden he’s really looking like a positive force out there. Defensively it’s clear something clicked during the extended offseason. He was all over the place both in man-defense and as a helper. I’ll do a story on him after the game with some more details.
  • Quincy Pondexter looks a lot better than last year. He worked with Monty for two weeks this offseason, one-on-one, and it’s looking like it’s going to pay off. He looks like he knows where he needs on both ends of the floor to be this year, even if he isn’t always there. Last year he appeared confused at times about what his role was. This year he looks dialed in. I really, really, REALLY, don’t want to see him traded. I can’t imagine Monty does either.
  • Squeaky Johnson looked good in limited time. He made a few dumb mistakes, but otherwise he looked perfectly capable of being the third point guard. Guy is fast. Like, really fast. I think it’s the hair. IMO you have to keep a New Orleans player for PR purposes (if you’re not going to compete for a title), and he’s the only one currently on the roster.
  • Trey Johnson had a few nice minutes. Pretty quiet overall.

Other Stuff

  • The new Hornets House band is fantastic. Last year I talked about “Homegrown Night”, and it clear that the Hornets felt somewhat similarly about how to localize their presentation. Love. It. Not only are they talented, but they rock the house in true New Orleans style. I’m jazzed!
  • There was no prayer before the game. Personally I didn’t really care all that much, but I can see how it would make some people feel uncomfortable. Plus it was completely unnecessary. This is actually also something I wrote about last year. As someone pointed out last year, from a PR standpoint it was probably easier for the NBA to simply not continue doing it, rather than to stop doing it in the middle of last season.
  • The Bee-Zanies had some new cheers. I dug it. Props to them for energizing the crowd.


Eric Gordon going up for a shot
Jerome Dyson
Quincy Pondexter
Carldell "Squeaky" Johnson
Jarrett Jack driving to the lane
Chris Kaman





Carldell "Squeaky" Johnson driving to the lane
Al Farouq Aminu Dunks off an Alley Oop
Quincy Pondexter inbounding the ball


Eric Gordon goes up for a layup

71 responses to “Bullets From the Hornets Preseason Win Over the Grizzlies”

  1. 14 and 12 for quincy?? WHAAAT??? Please dont trade this guy away especially not for greivis vasquez. Keep it up Hornets!! WE UNDEFEATED!!!!!!!!!

      • No it would get us a 6′ 6″ SG who can handle well for an SG, but who can’t defend against opposing PGs. We need a 6’0″ pure PG who is quick so he can us his quickness to score, set up others, and play on-ball defense. Vasquez can do none of that.

      • You apparently didn’t watch him in college or at all last year… He had some bright spots… I’m not proclaiming him a savoir or anything… But he can develop into a solid back up… He killed us at the hive one game late last year

      • @BoyRoy,

        You spend a huge amount of time arguing on this site, and the points you argue are often peripheral and unrelated to the main point of the post you are arguing about.

        For example, the main point of my post here is that Vasquez is not an NBA PG because he can’t defend NBA PGs and his handle isn’t up to NBA PG level. So he isn’t worth trading Q-Pon for.

        You never address whether you think the Hornets should make that trade. Instead you claim Vasquez played more PG than SG on offense for Memphis. To which my response is: So? That doesn’t make him a PG and what about the main point: are you for or against the trade? You can label Vasquez is a SG, a combo guard, or whatever you want it doesn’t really matter. The question is: should we make the trade or not? [And not just for the opening night game which JJ will sit.]

        @Jo D

        I LOVED Vasquez at Maryland. To me, he was Maryland basketball. But that doesn’t make him a PG or a fit for the Hornets. And his pro career had a nice start and I could easily see him as a lifer second team SG (who can help handle the ball) in the NBA. But again that doesn’t make him a PG or a fit for the Hornets.

      • He might not be a pure point guard… But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a point guard… He IS a YOUNG POINT GUARD who should be allowed time to develop before you start tossing him to the 2… He might not have elite handles, but they are sufficient on the nba level… I don’t know where you get your viewpoint from… But if you watch him play… He is a decent young point guard prospect… And he would fit in well on this team…
        maybe you have something against tall point guards?
        Magic Johnson, Shaun Livingston, Oscar Robertson, Tyreke Evans, …
        Just a few names you might remember when you think of tall point guards… just because he isn’t prototypical size doesn’t mean he isn’t a 1… Eric Gordon is a couple inches shy of the prototypical 2.. Landry is shorter than your prototypical 4… Mek is slightly shorter than you want your center to be… Just a few examples… I’m not saying he will be great, or even close to great… But he is a nice point guard prospect…

  2. Nice to see 12 rebounds from Pondexter in the box score. I wonder if we end up keeping him and Aminu, and although Pondexter is better now, Aminu has more potential and in the long-term Monty could develop him. I also wonder how the Chris Kaman vs Emeka Okafor situation plays out. Interesting time to be a Hornets fan. I’m a bit worried about the Timberwolves, because of Kevin Love and new additions; they could be an ok team this team.

    • Idk how you can say we cannot and will not win with JJ as the starting PG, if we just won 2 games with him.(Even if they are Preseason) He help lead the team to 2 victories against a playoff team. Jack is a solid PG and can get it done sure he only had 5pts 3 Rebs and 8 ast with 1 steal and 1 turnover in 28mins. I know he shot like 30% but from a PG you judge from the assist to turnover ratio and 8:1 is pretty damn good. So give JJ a chance he is a solid PG and we know he can score he had 24pts in the 1st game. He is not CP3 but we will never fine another CP3 (unless we get Kyrie Irving lol) but let’s give JJ a shot he is getting people involved and is protecting the ball. Plus we are WINNING!!!

  3. Kaman looked he should be able to dominate most teams’ backup Centers as he is effective in the post. Jason Smith played with more confidence than he ever has and Eric Gordon is just smooth. Q-Pon played well, very well the only negative is that our starting frontline is so undersized we will get killed on the glass. Once we put in Kaman and Smith we crashed the boards with the added size.

      • But I haven’t heard anything on the subject as of yet… The only thing I heard about was the mexican signing… O and the Vasquez-Pondexter trade

      • Why trade Ariza if he is a proven starter in this league with 7years of experience (something you need on good but young teams) and he is still relatively young(26). An a lot of people forget that beside CP3 he was a big reason why we stood in playoff series against Lakers. Ariza averaged about 16ppg, 7rebs, 3-4 ast,and 1-2 stls. So he is a good reliable player which young teams need to have in big games.
        I know a lot of ppl like Pondexter but let’s remember he is still young and has a lot to prove before he can just take over the starting role.
        Only way I trade Ariza is if I can get a SF like Michael Beasley who is young (22) but has a good bit of experience(4years).

      • Personally I would trade ariza just to get his horrific jump shot out of the arena, but more importantly… We trade him for a back up point guard? We trade him to get the 20mil over the next three years off the books? We trade him to allow our two young SFs develop?… The best thing about this team, is that even tho we are all excited… The expectations are low, anything above average is bonus… We don’t need a proven starter at SF… We have two young guys who need to play… The general idea of trade is shipping out your surplus to fill your deficiencies… We have 2 starting caliber centers… Surplus…. We have 3 decent SFs… Surplus… We need a pg… And personally I say if ariza brings back a draft pick, then do it.. Next years draft is LOADED, and I’m having a hard time trying to decide on two players that I would like us to go after… draft picks are safe… They turn into young cheap talent… Very low risk…

      • I understand your point about rebuilding and wanting more draft picks but ok say we trade Ariza we will not get that much in return especially not a 1st round pick. we have two already so why do we need another in a draft that is deep but only for the 15 picks after that there is nothing. People call this a deep draft class because of
        6-8 players who has potential to be great and 8 -10 players who can be good solid players but remember they also can become a bust .
        Another thing is say we do trade Ariza so what happens if Pondexter and Aminu doesn’t live up to the hype this season and they reach the peak in there development but only become 8ppg players? then what we are stuck with a hole at the 3 spot. an let’s be honest eventho there are no big expectations who wants to play for a losing team if you trade away all of your solid and experienced players? I think about it if we trade Ariza and IF Pondexter or Aminu doesn’t live up to the hype that will put more pressure on Eric Gordon and he only has one year left so he mite bolt like CP3 if they trade away valuable pieces. Players are competitive and want to win now so we really have a decent team to get in the playoffs so I wouldn’t trade away experience players to fast unless we are getting a 2 for 1 deal to add depth.
        In my opinion the best trade would be to trade the big 12million contact of Okafor and plus he is a higher trade value because alot of teams need a C and the way it looks we have 3(Kaman,Okafor, and Smith) so trade Okafor who has a bigger contract than Ariza and his trade value is higher.
        But with Kaman,Okafor, Smith, Landry, and the new C from Mexico, I see the hornets setting Okafor up for a trade.
        besides for a Defensive team why trade your best defensive player(Ariza )?

  4. I am BEYOND pumped for the upcoming season after watching them tonight at The Hive

    -Eric Gordon is the real deal folks. Dude can flat out ball. He can create his own shot and is a wayyy better passer than I was anticipating. On defense, he can keep his guy in front of him and seems to always be rotating to the right area on the court and double teaming the right person. Oh, and, he’s only been here THREE FRICKING PRACTICES. Monty must be salivating. Cause I know I am.

    -Carl Landry is an upgrade to David West for THIS PARTICULAR team. Period. End of Story. He is a better defender by a mile and a better self-shot creator. We’ve now seen him get a chance to guard Pau Gasol for 6 games and Zach Randolph for 2. SHUT EM DOWN. I think 8 games vs. elite PF’s is enough to at least be excited about.

    -Jarrett Jack didn’t force anything tonight. He played in his game, barely scored, and led us to victory. Dude is very obviously into what’s going on here.

    -Chris Kaman should probably be starting over Okafor.

    -Quincy Pondexter has VASTLY improved. It’s just one game you say. His decision making was precise and on point most of the night. He had a rough 1st quarter vs. Gay but once he settled in, dude showed flashes.

    -Aminu is a smarter, more instinctive JuJu.

    We look hungry, we look fresh, we look ready. I’m excited. We may not make the playoffs but we’ll come damn close as long as Gordon, Jack, and Landry can stay healthy, in that order.

    Lastly, Monty, I’m sorry for everything bad I’ve said about you.
    PREDICTION: Legitimate COTY candidate this year

    We almost had Dell give up on the situation and Monty wouldn’t have been far behind. Now look where things have headed in 2 weeks. Amazing.

    IM IN!

  5. Will Squeaky be our starting PG on opening night with Jack being out serving his suspension?

    Funny how nobody complained about Jack in the last pre-season game.

  6. Jason Smith looked like a bonafide NBA superstar out there tonight, in my opinion. My new favorite Hornet. Nothing but hustle.

    • I’ve been saying that for a while on this site, the guy hustles… Nothing but energy… Ryan Bowen but taller and better

  7. Why trade Ariza if he is a proven starter in this league with 7years of experience (something you need on good but young teams) and he is still relatively young(26). An a lot of people forget that beside CP3 he was a big reason why we stood in playoff series against Lakers. Ariza averaged about 16ppg, 7rebs, 3-4 ast,and 1-2 stls. So he is a good reliable player which young teams need to have in big games.
    I know a lot of ppl like Pondexter but let’s remember he is still young and has a lot to prove before he can just take over the starting role.
    Only way I trade Ariza is if I can get a SF like Michael Beasley who is young (22) but has a good bit of experience(4years).

    • Nice re post, but again we don’t need to have a ariza will only hinder our youngsters development while eating a nice chunk of cap space… if you have an opportunity to trade him for a point… You save cap space, your young guys get to play and get better, and your team becomes more well rounded by getting another point guard…just sayin

      • Yea but what if the young players don’t develop in to better players we are all hopefull they do but if they don’t then we will have a hole at SF. An let’s remember Gordon has what a year left on his rookie contract? so if he feels to much pressure is on him o he mite bolt like CP3. so we need consistent players like Ariza,Jack, and Landry to make this young team grow and also to make players want to come and be a hornet.

      • Yea but again draft picks can be a BUST..in this up coming draft the 1st 8 picks will be potential franchise players but the rest will be role players if that we see it every year and we have Gordon Kaman and Landry on one year deals if the team sucks this year then they will not resign…I understand we want the team to be like a OKC but we have to have things and players to build on (Jack,Ariza,Landry) other then that young players like Gordon will want to leave without a supporting cast. OKC had a base before all the young talent

      • KC, you make jack, landry, and ariza all sound like all stars… They are all decent serviceable players… But serviceable players are not hard to come by… You win championships by taking chances… Sure we could draft two busts next draft… Or we could draft the leagues next superstar… Point being is that we can find another ariza… And other players of that caliber… But if I have a chance to draft three possibly really good players or keep the ok players we have… I’m gonna take the chance rather than be destined for first round exits for the next 3 years…. It’s all about potential and taking risks…

      • @Wonder boy Roy I understand your point but at the same time of you have a player who is coming at a contract year (Gordon) if you don’t surround him with some pieces this year he will LEAVE. Now we can trade Ariza down the line (once Pondexter or Aminu proves themselves )but right now you need to keep him. We are in a bad situation that was worst than OKC because we have NO OWNER plus OKC had Draft Durant, WE are trying to keep a potential franchise player (Gordon)

  8. I’M IN and VERY excited!!! I understand that it is Very early but I invision us being another version of OKC… Building with Young athletic guys that are Very hungry and a coaching staff that will have them prepared EVERY night….

  9. Kaman is really streaky, so don’t get your hopes up too high.. Although I’d love to see him be consistent just once. He’s got great skills.

    Wish i could find highlights of this game.

  10. 12,000 fans for a preseason game? Remember when we would hope for that many during a regular season game?

    I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that this year’s gonna awesome. . .

  11. @Jo D No I didn’t not make them sound like all Stars. like I said they are Solid players and that is what you need right now. You talk about 3 years down the line but with no Ownership and talks about the NBA downsizing, our future is really now so we can’t afford to dump seasons. You trade players like Ariza for Depth or once your development players prove they are ready for everyday action. An again our new potential franchise player (Gordon) is on a contract year so if we lose him we will lose alot. because alot of players want to play with other good solid players. An to be honest the way it looks we will end up with two mid round pics in the first round . But If we dump the season we lose FANs and Money (and maybe a potential owner). so I would keep solid players like Ariza and Landry but trade them down the line once we see the direction the team is going. Plus you keep wanting to trading for Cap space but be real we didn’t keep CP3 so its not like we will sign mega superstar players like CP3 or LBJ because we are at a disadvantage with being in a small market. We need consistent and solid players(not superstars )to build our team because again I see us being more of the SPURS than OKC. but I understand your point good debate. But I guess in the next few weeks or months well see where the team is headed. Jus hope they are competitive and winning (to keep and add other solid players )

    • The sad fact is… Ariza, Mek, Landy…. These are good players, but they are not exciting… CP3 was our wow factor… The fan base will survive a bad year or so if you put a young exciting team on the floor… There are two types of teams that grab fans… Teams that win championships… And young teams with a ton of potential to win a championship… And the team we have now MIGHT make the playoffs but you are kidding yourself if you think players like Ariza are gonna make Gordon stay… If he wants to leave, thats his choice… If he wants to stay then he will… If you want to surround him with players he would want to play with, then you surround him with players with potential… Jack, Mek,.Ariza have all basically tapped out their potential… No one can see any of those guys getting much better.. In fact, ariza.and mek might take a step back without ALL WORLD pg CP3… And landry still might have some room to grow but it’s limited… I do think it’s odd you proclaim us having two mid round picks… Both the Hornets and Wolves have a legitimate shot at high lottery… Both have potential to make a low seed playoff push… But to go on recent history and common knowledge… They aren’t expected to be in the mix…
      Did you know we haven’t had our starting line up on the court together for a single second this preseason? We don’t even know how this team will gel. Chemistry…
      Also take note, We hold the cards with Eric Gordon. He will be RESTRICTED. Which means we have leverage on that situation…
      I’m not saying that we must absolutely go the trade route… I’m simply saying that I believe that is the best chance we have to actually contend in the near future. And that if it did happen I would not oppose it. Because worst case scenario, we basically get a clean slate to work with. Greatness is not born out of being content with ok, solid or decent. Greatness is reached by taking chances. Being that we aren’t a big market with big sponsorships or great exposure, we need to build through the draft to build a winner and then players will come…
      Also take into account your Spurs model… It started with Robinson… Drafted… Duncan… Drafted… Ginobili… Drafted… Parker… Drafted… They built their core through the draft and the role players came after…
      Hmmmm sounds similar to the model I have been defending lol… Just sayin.. Facts

      • @Jo D

        Just so you know, your ‘Spurs draft building model’ is this. Get lucky enough to get the 1st pick in the lottery (before the weighted lottery era when each lottery team had the same chance to draft 1st) when there was a horrible talent gap after David Robinson. Do it again when Robinson gets injured and a very strong team ends up in the lottery. You get the 1st Pick again, Tim Duncan, in a weighted lottery in which you are only 3rd worst and there is a similar talent gap after Duncan. Also you figure out there is quality foreign talent being overlooked and you sign it before any other team figures this out.

        This model will never happen again!!!

        The point is the draft is a crap shoot. Just ask the T-Wolves.

    • Additionally, at some point you have to stop tinkering with the lineup so that the players can have some stability and feel some togetherness. You’re not going to get your best from the players if a different guy is getting traded every week, because the players don’t want to feel “expendable” all the time.
      That being said, if some fabulous trade option emerges, you absolutely take it, but otherwise we need to begin to let this group jell so they can become close and start to play FOR EACH OTHER.

  12. noticed Aminu was rocking the number 0 jersey in that picture , guess they decided it was too soon for the AF3 era in new orleans.

    • He was never actually assigned 3… They used out going players jerseys at the news conference because they didn’t have jerseys made for them yet… Thats why they never turned then around.

  13. I was very worried about our Point Guard situation while the season at the HIVE started for us last night. And I am still worried. Jarrett Jack is not a pass-first type player and that might hurt us along the way. My brother was asking me who the backup PG is. As I was telling me who he is, and telling that he is from NBDL and probably not good enough to play in the NBA, Squeaky Johnson recorded his first assist of the game with a no-look pass to Kaman. I felt like He was looking at me doing so. 🙂

    That was an impressive start for him. However, He has limitations. I realized that he cannot use his left hand as good as his right hand and he lost a couple of balls because of his weak left dribble. He is going to be 29 next month, so he is not a young player that the team would invest for the future.

    So, my question is: Why don’t we sign Earl Boykins from the waivers? I see that having Squeaky is a step towards the old Muggsy Bogues days. Having Boykins will bring us closer to those days. Boykins is a proven PG in the league and he would be our insurance god forbid anything happens to Jarrett Jack.

    Dell Demps must have seen that we have a serious PG situation and should do something immediately. Boykins is out there waiting on waivers. There are others too. Sign one of them for a year. I hate Arenas and I do not think he will sign with us. No offense to Johnson but Boykins would be a legit backup PG for us.

    By the way, The fact that they do not have anybody else but Squeaky on the roster might be an indication that we should expect another trade soon to bring a PG to our team (possibly by sending Okafor or Ariza away). Bobcats has Kemba Walker now and they desparately need a Center. We may pursue DJ Augustin from them who had a decent performance last season and send them Okafor with a couple of other players in return.

    Augustin is from New Orleans and might be a great starting PG for us!

    • Mek going back to Charlotte might be awkward…
      Welcome back?
      We made a mistake two years ago?
      Odd situation… But not out of the question

  14. I thought Aminu played very well and his potential seemed to just ooze out. I do agree that he has a lot to learn but I was very impressed by his defense. I was also impressed by Gordon’s defense. I have a lot of faith in Monty so I like to see young talent that is WILLING to play defense. I say if they are willing to go out and play tough defense then they are willing to be coached and work hard. I am definitely pumped for the season- win or lose the team looks exciting and bright.

  15. Yea you are right they are not “wow” players but that’s why you have Gordon to be the “wow” factor. You have to ask do you want “wow” or do you want WIN? Hell the Clippers with Lamar Odom,Q-Rich, Darius Miles,and others hell they were a real WOW factor and we see where that got them.
    As for the Spurs reference that I was stating was for Good Defense and solid scores no wow factor to them. An you right they did Draft all of those player but Robinson and Duncan were the 2 most dominant big men in the NBA so you can compare that I mean be real they don’t even have Cs like that anymore (Except Howard )
    Plus Ginobi and parker had experience in professional basketball so its not like they were young and raw.
    I agree and know it takes alot of luck and good drafting but Hornets need to be solid this year ti land ownership and I doubt if all 10000 season ticket holders would want to come see a sorry team this year and then renew tickets for another season ,No they wont.
    You mention Gordon being Restricted but hell Paul was restricted he was just going to play out the contract then leave so if the team is sorry Gordon will do the same.Players have competitive edges and don’t like to lose nomatter what.
    Eventho we beat then in the preseason, im looking at the Hornets to be a Memphis type team and not to just tank the season.

    From what I can tell to me you are saying let’s tank the season trade away some players (Okafor, Jack, Landry or Ariza the best defensive player on our team and give unproven players the keys to the team) and hope we can draft good players who might be bust or mite be stars and just hope we end up like OKC in a few years?

    But to me with the team they have now the Hornets are a player away from being a shocking playoff team so why mess with it. Because in my opinion if the team doesn’t get a owner then we will lose the Hornets or the NBA will downsize like they have been taking about for a few years. so I don’t think the Hornets can tank any season they need to build to win fir Now cause 3-4I years is not promised the team will be here. But that’s just my opinion.

    • If you are content with just barely winning and barely making the postseason every year… Then so be it…
      The model I defend is a chance to win big in the future…
      And you obviously don’t know what you are taking about very well, because chris paul signed his ext before he became restricted… Had he gone into free agency he would have been unrestricted… And with gordon being restricted he can’t just walk away… Hence the restricted label…
      Further more, you can’t use the spurs as an example unless you are willing to look at the whole picture… Sure they play good D and all… But how did they get the players to run that system??? They didn’t just show up…
      And what makes you think the hornets are a player away from being a shocking playoff team? We haven’t even seen the whole team on the court yet our even the starting lineup… But on paper I can tell you we need another point guard and a CONSISTENT second and even third scoring option…
      You pick and choose facts to support your argument, but then when I point out the big picture you say.. O no, I was only taking about THIS part of that situation… You can discredit other facts from a situation…
      Then you proclaim we are a player away from shocking in the postseason… Your logic.is either far too optimistic or blatantly ludicrous… Either way it’s very laughable
      And the fact that you considered DARIUS MILES AND QUENTIN RICHARDSON as WOW players discredits anything further you have to say… End of Story.

  16. Can we stop talking about how the Spurs built their team? They were a strong playoff team, that had an injury to their best player, and then were lucky enough to get the 1st pick in the draft. We had our shot to do that when CP3 was hurt, and we instead put in Collison and won too many games.

    This team we got right now is too good to be a top 5 lottery team. There are so many teams that are far more terrible than us. Trading Ariza for a backup pg would be ridiculous. I’m all for trading Okafor/Ariza/Kaman, but lets try to get some value back. If we aren’t getting value, we shouldnt make a move.

    I would take a guy like Eric Maynor who I think could be a solid point guard, but I’m not trading for DJ Augustin. I stand by letting the team play 10 games as a team, figure out a rotation and see how we do. If we go 7-3 or better, we think about how to make the team better this year. If we go 4-6 to 6-4, we have a decision to make on whether we should tank or not. And if we go 3-7 or worse, we start unloading pieces ASAP.

  17. Yea I am very optimistic because I believe in the team. As for as being ludicrous, only thing that is ludicrous is an egotistical simpleton is trying to insult my intelligence on a subject that was opinion based.
    What’s also ludicrous and idiotic is you are the same person who stated they really just want to trade a player because you don’t like there jump shot when apparently he has a good enough jump shot to be in the NBA for 7 years.
    I am not content with just barley winning but at the same time I understand there is more than oneway to win in the any league and I can have my opinion on how to do things. An like I said I do not agree with trading a solid player who is proven and just to develop someone else. If you want development then win the battle at the position don’t just crown someone because they have potential hell Eddy Curry and Kawame Brown had Potential. Even better you want player to develope sent them to the D-League other then that let them compete and if they can beat out a player who some believe can’t shoot then they don’t deserve to play.
    I also can use the Spurs as an example because im just talking about there systems of Defense, scoring fundamentals and team work the Hornets are trying to
    reach. (So they don’t have to depend on a 1 superstar)
    Yea they haven’t had the whole team on the court and yet in pre-season play they are 2-0 with a PG who most don’t like and has a 14-1 ratio of assist to turnovers. So that fact alone has me very optimistic. Why wouldn’t you be, even if it is preseason and your just lost your franchise player but your team has still won against a playoff team from last year. Plus, as you stated the whole team has not played yet.
    Yes we do need another PG and we can add another scoring threat but unless it’s a good 2 for 1 deal that’s makes the team better is the only way I trade.
    As far as picking and choosing my fact I put the fact that I believe are relevant to what I am pointing out and to the overall picture, which is being in a smart situation to sell the team,keep fans interested in a good team, and most importantly WIN.Nothing I put is short of thinking of a overall future which is NOW. Like I have said the Hornets
    are in a different situation because they are trying to sell a
    team. Who wants to buy a team in a small market with unproven players starting? How many fans you know will renew tickets on a sorry team? The hornets need the fans support to stay in New Orleans because a owner wants to make money not lose. You need to have a decent season in order to keep people interested.
    Also “wow” player from what was stated is players who bring excitement to the game so how can you down play not alone
    them but me when they were exciting. The had more exciting alleys and threes and fast breaks at that time then
    most team I can remember around that time. So they were Wow but they weren’t winners.
    I can agree to take chances but again you have to take
    chance and be smart especially when your franchise future can be short,so they is no time to dump seasons and trade away potential valuable pieces for unproven players. Let young players prove they are capable, then you trade Ariza,Oakfor, Jack, and Landry if you want but I don’t feel the young players are ready yet.
    Again this is my opinion you don’t have to agree but don’t try to insult my intelligence, especially if I never insulted you. These are my opinions and to be honest I don’t give a damn who likes them or who doesn’t but I will not allow another person to feel they can insult me on any level.

    • You have every right to an opinion… as narrow minded as it may be.. But again you have every right..
      Secondly, I merely called you out on not knowing paul was not going to be a restricted free agent…
      The rest was just MY OPINION… In which I find the ideas you present to be laughable…
      Reason being, the manner in which you present your ideas and facts, but then disregard other variables even when they are presented to you is simply silly and simple minded…
      Maybe you need to read through my comments again, but I used some variation of optimistic OR ludicrous… I never said you were or your comments were ludicrous, I simply implied might have been an option to explain them lol… But rest assured I never said you were…
      Further more, I never insulted you. Atleast not directly or intentionally. If you took offense to something you misread, I do apologize.
      However, classy move by starting the name calling! 😉

      In the future, when you start a debate with someone… Don’t just repeat yourself over and over.. Bring solid facts… And don’t ask someone to answer the same question over and over… And in your own mind you have to respect other peoples opinions as you would have your own respected…

      also, I don’t feel like anyone, including myself, has the right to insult another… But on an open forum everyone has the right to do two things..
      1. Put their ideas into the open…
      2. Comment on and even criticize the ideas put forth…
      You must defend your opinions or ideas with reason and facts. Or maybe someone says something to change your mind.
      The general idea is that everyone has the right to correct anything you say. Especially if they have facts to back it up (i.e. The Chris Paul free agency situation).

      Again if you misunderstood, misinterpreted, or took offense to anything I said or will say… I apologize… My intent is never to insult…and I don’t feel I did

      But continue with your name calling if you must 😉

      P.s. Arizas jump shot… That was a shot at comedy that apparently a few people either liked or agreed with… But you and I both know Trevor is not in the league for his jump shot.. It’s his defense and athleticism…(but way to shoot down someone elses opinion… You know… That thing you are so upset about right now)

      • How is my opinion narrow minded, if it looks not only in to the future but the present as well?
        Where as other opinions are still based and ruled off dumping and hoping for the next star. I mean really what’s so brilliant about that. You lose something you have now for a future you are not sure will even be in New Orleans. Lol but I’m the big optimistic one.
        I mean the formula you are supporting has worked with OKC but who else? I mean until the recent trade the Clippers had the same formula and it didn’t work. Washington had a similar formula and it’s still not working. Milwaukee same formula and they maybe in the middle of the pack. Minnesota is using it and have a talented roster but people are still writing them off. Charlotte had this formula and we know it really ain’t work for them for the fact they left the formula and are trying to go back to it again which is still disturbing. The point is the formula is hit or miss. It can make you the next OKC or it can make you the next Bobcat team. At this point of the franchise the Hornets can not afford to take a chance like that for the sake of ownership and it’s future in New Orleans.
        On the CP3 contract it really didn’t matter for the fact he is
        gone or was going to leave anyway so that point has not
        value. But since I was wrong about contract type , I will say I was not correct about it, so my bad. Smh
        And no other variables are disregarded for the point there is a reply or answer to whatever variable is stated, I fill I try to answer or have a reply for everything and back it up.
        In any debate I bring facts and I give an opinion but I don’t try to belittle there statement. I also only continue to ask questions that I feel has not been answered or has been ignored. So why not ask them again instead of being avoided.
        Yes they are 2 things and I don’t debate that the problem is not about the criticizing remarks I’ll always reply to those to defined and defend what my opinion is but it’s the fact that people want to try to be little your remarks or even attempt to make you seam foolish or as you say ludicrous. But another thing people go on forums to do is hide from there words that’s why they say what they want and try to manipulate others word to prove a point.

        P.S yea you are right about Ariza I agree but at the same time what other SF we have has showed better production. I have never shot down an opinion, i have disagreed but never tried to be little or manipulate or even question there thought process like others.
        Oh an nothing to be upset about just I’ll never let a Internet bully get to me lol but I will let it be know I’ll never let another man disrespect me
        All love from this way homie

      • While 95% of what you said is completely unfounded, I’m sorry you felt disrespected. Never my intent.
        I guess some people are extremely sensitive… Even on the internet.
        Happy Holidays 😉

  18. Oh great your sarcasm is just as good as the points you make. Amazing that doesn’t say much but I guess its factual for someone.
    Again its amazing how if you stand up for your ideas/words without trying to be belittled its being to sensitive. well ill be sensitive but ill never sit back and not act upon it.

    Your right Happy Holidays

    • Everyone has a right to their opinion! Even the hypocrites 😉
      But your shots are weak. It’s like debating with my nephew.

      However, It was mildly interesting… Thanks…
      Merry Christmas and have a fabulous New Year!

  19. So I guess since there is a lack of character these post are going to continue and will get more and more insulting.
    Here comes more down play or disrespectful references after a false claim of never trying to not disrespect someone. but hypocrisy is aimed at me. Wow that shows brilliance and actually how a simpleton would act. But your better then that right.
    Yet for someone who is tying to relate me there nephews, each post they show true adolescence.
    My post are weak but yet yours lack substance. So fact is they are all theorys no real blueprint.
    In you are right, this is and has been boring.
    So the best reply to future post is to
    give no reply to help the development of adolescent minds. So here you can get the last words in your own sarcastic and egotistic way. Im sure you’ll think of something. Here’s the floor, its all yours

    Happy Holiday and Have fun

  20. So the last few posts in all this have not even a thin veil of basketball talk, much less Hornets talk.

    Take a break for a day, wipe the slate clean, and see if you guys agree on things that ACTUALLY HAPPEN Monday during the season opener.


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