Hornets Ditch the Pregame Prayer, Add a Band

Published: December 21, 2011

The Hornets, at least for now, have apparently ditched the pre-game invocation that had been part of the franchise for years under the rule of George Shinn, and then briefly last year after the NBA purchased the team. I talked about some of the issues people could potentially have with the prayer last year, and for the most part readers seemed to agree that it was unnecessary. The team also added a live, in-house band. Oddly enough, I also talked about doing something very similar to that.

Next up, I will talk about adding an open bar to the media room, as well as converting the court to slamball.

Presumably the team/NBA waited until this season started to ditch the prayer so that they wouldn’t have to stop it from taking place last year. The difference between not continuing something and cancelling it can be night and day in the eyes of some people. This was the right PR move if they were intent on eliminating it.

As for the band, it’s great to have a real New Orleans feel in the Arena. There are still a lot of generic NBA sound to be heard, but at least sometimes you will now get a nice dose of some jazzy/funky goodness.


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