Where Do We Go From Here?

Published: December 15, 2011

Ok, so most of thr CP craziness is dying down and we, as fans, are trying to figure out what is going to happen as we move forward.  Actually, I don’t think anything we say will have much of an impact on this season, but what we DO could have a huge impact on our franchise.

I grew sick and tired during this whole debacle of hearing national pundits say that New Orleans is not a legitimate NBA market, and we probably shouldn’t have a team anyway.  So what do we do about it?  We go to the games and cheer our team,  we wear our Hornets gear, and we talk up the Hornets to everyone that will listen.  We, as loyal Hornets fans, do whatever we can to sell the team to the rest of the community.  If I can’t attend a game,  I make sure I give my tickets to someone who will attend the game, prefferably someone who has never attended a game before.  Getting someone there for the first time is half the battle.  Hopefully they will be hooked.

Try and bring a group to a game.  Last year I brought my basketball team to a game. I had 10 players and ended up with a group of 50.  All had a great time, and several families went to subsequent games.  My ticket rep took care of everything, even brought the tickets to my office.

The point is, it is now up to us to support Dell, Monty, and the players that wear the Hornet uniform, whoever they are.  Show the league that we belong, that we are an NBA city, that this is our team and we aren’t giving it up.  The team may not be very good this year, but that cannot keep us away.  We have to look at the long term.  Remember, IN DELL WE TRUST!


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