The reason for question mark is we don’t know whos the mysterious third team.As you may have heard the Lakers want another shot in the trade talks.It’s clever of them to get a frist round pick from the Mavs to send them Lamar Odom.whats it the right thing to do but the back off in the three team trade the frist time to get that draft pick despite that it’s not an lottery pick but who cares the 2012 NBA draft will be deep with talent anyway.They’re a few teams that could be the thrid team in the trade.Cavs,Hawks,T-Wolves,76ers and Bobcats for example.Those are only teams at this point that have young talent and some decent picks.

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  1. Cavs and Bobcats has no real talents to give nor does 76ers, hawks have too high profiled player w/ money, so the only team they could business with is probably T-Wolves. the T-wolves have young promising players ,but they don’t have their Draft Pick b/c the Clippers do! so None of these teams are good enough in the NBA Owner point of view!!

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