Free agents the Hornets should sign & trades

Published: December 12, 2011

At this point the Hornets are on the brink of getting some great players in the CP3 trade pending on trade agreement.I’ve some ideas of some free agents the Hornets should sign and trades.


At PF i would like the Hornets to sign Kris Humphries despite his off season drama which i’m not going to talk about he would be a great addition to the Hornets averaging 10 PPG and 10 RPG an defensive rebounder which this team is missing on a defensive standpoint his points will pick up once he’s on a team that will start him full time last season with the Nets Humphries started 44 of 74 games he played last season.

Carl Landry who filled in the voild of David West due to an season ending knee injury last season did a great averaging 11 PPG and 2 RPG if he’s to return to the Hornets he needs to improve his rebounding and mid range shooting

Other Free agent PF’s Josh McRoberts 7 PPG and 5 RPG good player started 51 or 72 games he played last year with the Pacers

Jason Smith started 6 of 77 games he played with the Hornets last season 4 PPG and 2 RPG

SG is a deep need on the bench that is Chris Douglas-Roberts starting 12 of 44 games last season with Bucks averaging 7 PPG 32% 3pt shooter and FG’s 42%

I’ll have part 2 later.

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  1. NOS-3rd Gen

    December 13, 2011 at 11:33 am

    The Main ones I would go with FA would be Carl Landry and Kris Humphries. B/W those two it all about what the hornets want more Defensive Rebound which we need or Offensive scoring which we also need. I don’t know that much about K.H., but what I do know about C.L.24 is that when he starts he averages at least 16 ppg during the season!!! SG wise I hope this CP3 deal w/the clippers goes down so we can get Eric Gordon but I think we might have to trade Okafor too in that deal or Ariza. B/W you and me despite everything I said about Okafor with West gone and No telling if we’re going to get K.H. or C.L. it would be good if we look for a taller center so OKafor can play his natural pos. or Kaman comes on the team!!

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