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Building Through the Draft vs. Remaining Competitive

Published: December 9, 2011

So it’s apparent that the main two trains from Hornet’s fans are that either the trade was good because we remain a contender with the pieces we got, who can also be moved OR we didn’t get enough young talent/draft picks.

I fall on the side of thinking that we didn’t get enough young talent in return for one of the best players in the league, but I completely understand the other train of though, since I have faith in Dell making other deals with those players.

That being said, I want to point out that no matter which one you support, if the ultimate goal is to win an NBA Championship then we NEED draft picks, and preferably high ones at that. Look at the NBA Champions over the past 10 – 20 years and the one thing in common is that they were all built around someone that team drafted in the top 10 of an NBA draft:

Mavericks (Dirk), Lakers (Kobe), Heat (Wade), San Antonio (Duncan/Manu/Parker), Pistons are only exception no superstar, Lakers (Kobe, Shaq #1 option obviously but Kobe still very relevant), Bulls (MJ/Pippen), Rockets (Hakeem).

Now I know that there were free agents signed, and trades made to make the teams better, but if you look at it, each of these championship teams was built around a player that they drafted.

I understand and have faith that Dell could have moved the Scola/Odom/Martin for more assets, maybe even draft picks, but those guys are all role players for contenders. That is where they fit in best. So only contenders/borderline contenders are going to be interested in trading for them. So even if we send Scola to the Pacers, or Martin to the Bulls, the picks we would get back wouldn’t be high enough to change the future of our franchise.

That is the reason I believe we need to take/should have taken whatever trade gives us the best shot at a high draft pick in what is supposed to be a great draft.


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