If Tyson comes back……

Published: December 5, 2011

what do we do with Emeka?


Emeka for Iggy?

Why Philly does it- They can start ET and they get a true center

Why NO does it- We need a 2 and get an all around athletic player


Emeka for Smoove?

Why ATL does it- Move Al Hortford to his natural position 4

Why NO does it- Get a replacement for DWest and get an all around athletic player


Emeka for BRoy?

Why POR does it- They get rid of Roy n get a healthy C in Mek

Why NO does it- Roy is a high-risk, he still can score and we need a 2


Or do we try to develop his offensive post and get him a jumpshot and move him to the 4?

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Getting Tyson would be huge Paul is apparently hinting at the Clippers and Warriors that if they sign Tyson their chances of him resigning really go up. This is all according to Yahoo, Bleacher report retweets their tweets.


Everyone keeps hoping for Granger, and I keep hearing he's not for sale unless it involves HUGE upgrade with a top 10-15 player.

NOS-3rd Gen
NOS-3rd Gen

a 3 team trade can solve that problem easy. maybe even a 4-team trade!!! possiblities

NOS-3rd Gen
NOS-3rd Gen

It would be Perfect if we get overall Danny Granger, we jus talk them into getting Okafor at the 4 position in stead of the Center Pos. I REALLY want to bring Danny Granger Home after resigning West and already signing Chandler and still having CP3 man that team would be a beast in Western Conference