Deal 95% of the way done, how it effects the Hornets and thoughts about this fine website

We’ve seen this act before. Both sides talk tough then meet and make progress. They don’t get over the hump and go back to stupid rhetoric and say they won’t talk for 2 weeks. As soon as it goes to fine print, some lawyer calls another lawyer and they’re setting up another meeting where we see more progress yet can’t get over the hump. Yawn.

This time though, a deal is within reach. I’m hoping that there can just be some give and take. If the union wants 52% then the owners should get a compromise on system issues.

Or is the owners get 50%, give the union the system issues of their choice.

Or how about going with a band where we see the players get 50% in a down year for revenue, 51% in an average year and then 52% in a good year? Or why not just split it at 51%?

Based on what I’ve seen so far, the new cba could be really good for the Hornets provided they don’t make any changes to what’s been agreed on. Despite what we read from the media or other Hornet websites, the new changes can be great for this team but I won’t tackle those until we actually have a deal, whenever that may be.

While discussing potential changes to the Hornets’ future, it’s essential to consider the evolving landscape of online communication and collaboration. Enhancing the platform with a private messaging function or exploring ways to facilitate direct interactions among members could be a valuable step forward. Much like the strategic use of link building software to fortify a website’s online presence, enabling seamless communication within the community can foster deeper discussions and knowledge sharing. As we contemplate the potential benefits of the new CBA for the Hornets, a similarly forward-thinking approach to enhancing user engagement and connection might amplify the collective impact of insights and perspectives on league finances. Such a feature could indeed pave the way for more meaningful exchanges and collaborative brainstorming among passionate members.

Also, it would be cool if we could add a pm function to this site. Some members have mentioned that they would be willing to talk to me more about issues regarding the finances of the league but there is no way to get a hold of email addresses or utilize a pm function when accessing someone’s profile page. Is there any way we could add something like that to this site? Or if we aren’t too privacy conscious, maybe we could just use this thread to exchange emails or ideas on how to create a pm function?

4 responses to “Deal 95% of the way done, how it effects the Hornets and thoughts about this fine website”

  1. As this wears on, I see the players getting at most 50% BRI and losing some of the ‘done’ parts of the deal.

    As far as site changes go, we have a list of things to manage and suggestions are welcome. The time frame on this is not this month and likely not next, but changes will be made.

    For now, use Hornets Report or the journals. That’s what they are for, after all.

    Any thoughts on talks this week?

  2. Well, I can’t believe that they can’t get something done this week. From everything I’ve heard, they’re down to around just 4 different issues but this thing has dragged on for awhile and nothing would surprise me now. That being said, everyone knows what’s at stake and I can’t believe there aren’t enough intelligent people involved that can ram this through.

    I will say this. I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff lately where the players don’t want to be restricted in how much they can move around. Obviously, I’ve been going hard at limiting the MLE to teams below the lux tax and that limits where players can go but I just don’t think it’s that big a deal. 85% of the teams will be below the lux tax line so there will be plenty of MLE options out there.

    • A court case tomorrow could do anything to the situation. Depending on it, we may see movement. If not then, it’ll be sometime between Monday and Monday, I think.

      • The players need to fold and Stern needs to do everything he can to keep this at 50/50. I’ve already stated how I think they way over report their losses and now we’re hearing these excerpts from Hunter that state that the players really don’t get 57% of BRI because of some confusing expense deal that I don’t even want to bother learning about.

        The most important thing is the system issues. I could really care less about which side loses out monetarily. They all have more money then they need. The system issues need to be worked out and so far, I like what I see but I’ve been pushing for the MLE to be limited to the non tax teams. I’ve wanted that since before the last 2005 cba agreement. That would do wonders for parity.

        In short, the owners need to fold on now allowing sign and trade deals for tax payers. Give it to the players.

        Fold on limiting the amount for raises. I’m hearing they want between 5 & 7% and the players want it as high as 10. No big deal. Give that to the players.

        Whatever else is out there, give it up but stay firm on the MLE issue. Maybe even move from 50 to 51% for the players on BRI and get this done.

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