Can we find CP3’s running mate this year?

Published: September 27, 2011

I strongly believe there will be a season this year eventually. If so this offseason will be very pivotal for the franchise. As many already know Paul isn’t thrilled about playing for a team that’s not a title contender. So it will be a challenge for Demps and the rest of the front office to make sure we’re on that path this offseason.

While a player like Dwight Howard would be a slam dunk(pun intended) acquiring him isn’t a realistic plan. Although I do think out of the 4-5 franchises not Orlando Howard may continue his career NOLA is on that list.

Looking at this offseason there are no FA we can bring in to be that “Robin” to convince Chris to stay. So if we are going to secure that number two players it’s going to be via a trade(with the exception of resigning West). I’ve give a list of players that either has been rumored to be on the trading block or there’s a good reason to believe we can trade for them.

I’ll start with the exception. David West- He has a connection with the city and Paul. We pretty much know what we’re getting with D. West unless the knee injury sets him back. Honestly there’s no reason to think as good as West is that he’s a championship level number 2, especially for what it may cost to re-sign him.

Andre Iguodala- He’s rumored to be on the trading block. He’ll fit well with coach Williams defensives scheme, but his inability to be a consistent scorer leaves us without the scoring needed to be a championship team.

Monte Ellis- Also rumored to be up for trade. Monte is a flatout scorer. The problem is he’s undersized and some what of a defensives liability. Also his game clashes with CP3. He is a gambler on D and a guy who tends to dominates the ball.

Rudy Gay- While he’s not rumored to be up for trade, his contract may leave Memphis no choice. I am a huge fan of Rudy. He gives you a decent shooter, great scorer, and a potential lockdown wing defender. The problem here is the same reason he may be up for trade, his contract.

Danny Granger- Another guy not on the trading block, but I’m sure a deal can be made. Granger is a great shooter, I think he fit well with Paul and is a solid defender. I really don’t see any downside to acquiring Danny, maybe his contract which is decent for a number 2.

Micheal Beasley- There are conflicting reports. Minnesota has a ton of players at Beasley position. Playing for us will allow him to play his natural PF position. He has unlimited potential as a scorer, but is under performing every where else. Despite having the phyiscal ability to be good to great at all aspect of the position. If Williams can coach him up could be a huge steal.

Josh Smith- No reason to believe ATL is shopping him, but once again with the right trade we could make it happen. Josh helps us on both ends of the court. His hoops IQ isn’t great and I’m not sold he could be a championship level 2.


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