Locked Out F/A’s

Published: September 17, 2011

With the NBA’s Lockout Progression there “could” be a season so ima talk about F/A.

With the most recent signings of Wilson Chandler and Earl “J.R.” Smith going to China that shortens our list of potential signees:

Jamal Crawford – SG/PG  (UFA)

Jeff Green – PF/SF (RFA)

Glen Davis – PF/C (UFA)

Joel Przybilla – C (UFA)

Tyson Chandler – C (UFA)

Arron Afflalo – SG (RFA)

Tracy McGrady – SG/SF (UFA)

Tayshaun Prince – SF/PF (UFA)

Chris Wilcox – C/PF (UFA)

Reggie Williams – SF/SG (RFA)

DeAndre Jordan – C (RFA)

Shannon Brown – SG/PG (UFA)

Marc Gasol – C (RFA)

Shane Battier – SF (UFA)

Chris Douglas-Roberts – SG/SF (UFA)

Sasha Vujacic- SG (UFA)

Aaron Gray – C (UFA)

Willie Green – SG (UFA)

Marco Belinelli – SG (RFA)

David West – PF (UFA)

Jason Richardson – SG (UFA)

Grant Hill – SF (UFA)

Marcus Thornton – SG (RFA)

Samuel Dalembert – C (UFA)

Alexis Ajinca – C (UFA)

Kyrylo Fesenko – C (UFA)

Andrei Kirilenko – SF (UFA)

Nick Young – SG (RFA)

Yi Jianlian – PF (UFA)


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  1. Seattle Needle

    September 17, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    I actually don’t have a problem with some players going to Europe or China. There are some knuckleheads out there and the league is better off without a lot of them. J.R. Smith in China is a good think and if I’m Denver, I like it because I will now focus on Nene, Afflalo and KMart as opposed to JR.

    As for a lot of those other guys, I’ll just say the same thing. We don’t need them. Shannon Brown and Willie Green are undersized SG’s who just have the potential to hog up cap space by some dumb GM out there.

    Kirilenko and Yi are allright but wouldn’t really be missed. Gray and Ajinca are nice backups at a weak position. They’re good for the right price but if someone in China or Europe want to overpay for them then that’s not going to cause us fans to lose any sleep.

  2. crazyb1125

    September 24, 2011 at 12:15 am

    I would love to get chandler back but after winning a Championship that means he’s going to cost too much, so forget about getting chandler.A.Ajinca I’ve been said we should get him as a backup Center. Overall we need to focus on getting D.Jordan (C), after that we can trade Okafor w/ other players for one Superstar or just trade Okafor for two or three high on potential, but cheap type players. We All know that the hornets are gonna try to get D.West and W.Green back. thats their fav players along w/M.Belleni, & A.Gray, but they may not bring AG34 back if they sign A.Ajinca. nickyoung would be perfect third man scorer if he had some def. and rebounding skills. J-Rich,T-Mac,TayPrince, G.Hill and Sam Dam will cost just as much Tyson Chandler is, so hornets won’t go for them!! and finally Marcus Thornton they don’t want. they’re more FAs aren’t there?

  3. crazyb1125

    September 24, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    the best players for FA/Via Trade for Hornets to target:

    FA(S):R.Williams=6-6 Averages 9.2 ppg, 9th in league for 3-point percentage (.423), 117 in ppg. have good offense, tall enough to play SG, and help hornets w/3-pointer (role player/starter)

    thaddeus Young=6-8 ppg=12.7(74 ovr),rpg=5.3,spg=1.1(46 ovr), tall enough for SF, too short for PF, but could still be a possible back-up for David west if they resign him. he’s also a NO native, and kinda have the same stats as C.Landry. (Six man type)

    A.Ajinca=7-2 ppg=4.2,ppg=2.3,bpg=0.6. A.A. is the best tall back up hornets can go after. his height ovr is what makes him a valuable asset

    YI=7-0 ppg=5.6,rpg=3.9,bpg=0.5. height ovr is good enough plus he can bust a 3-pointer, need to work on def a lil harder.

    RFA:d.Jordan=6-11, averages ppg=7.1,rpg=7.2,bpg=1.8,spg=0.5 #10 ovr for bpg, very athletic, and would be compatible to CP3

    N.Young=6-7, averages ppg=17.4,spg=0.7 perfect for being SG but also can play SF. could be the hornets 3rd leading scorer if west stays on the team, but lacks def. but I know MW can work w/ that.

    Trade= Best candidaties
    Danny Granger=6-8 ppg=20.5 (17th OVR in PPG),rpg=5.4, spg=1.1 .386 3P%. can be very helpful when taking the pressure off of CP3, plus it could convince D.West to want to resign.

    Kevin Martin-6-7 ppg=23.5(9th Ovr),spg-1.0,rpg-3.2. very high on scoring, can play def., high on 3P%(.383), take the pressure off of paul and CP3 can get him better stats.

    Javale McGee-7-0 ppg=10.1 (147th),rpg-8.0,bpg-2.4 (#2 in League). Excellent in Def. blocking, very athletic, can score at least 10+ in PPg, good on boards,taller than current Center, and game style reminds people of Tyson Chandler who have similar stats to JMG.

  4. crazyb1125

    September 26, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    Best case scenerio hornets should focus on defintely getting another superstar type scorer, a PF type sixth man, drop Okafor to get highly valuable players or s-star so the Hornets can focus on getting either Javale McGee or D.Jordan as their starting center, sign A.Ajinca and a just in case a tall but very defensive back-up-back-up Center, have a reliable and compatiable bench, and best of all have a chemistry filled roster. make’em bond, and be not act like brothers to eachother!!!
    that will definitely get them at least to the second round!!

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