Lockout = Good/Bad 4 Hornets

This lockout maybe helpful for the hornets…If we miss the whole year, then it could guarantee a 100% healthy D.West n maybe CP3


This lockout maybe bad for the hornets…..If we miss the whole year, then would this mean all players lose a year off their contracts? (meaning CP3 would be on his player option year)

Any1 know that would work?


And i found an interesting trade possibility


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  1. The lockout is good short term if the players fold quickly. The league will get a CBA that’s pro small market, and terrible if it shortens the season too much or out right cancels it. We need to have Chris long term commitment, but to get it we have to put the right pieces in place. I think we need to blow up the team. Which would mean we need even more time for CP to see the championship potential.

  2. If there is no season, you can just wipe this year’s contracts off the books and start with whatever would have existed in 2012-2013. Chris Paul would have a player option, so he would be free to leave.

    If there isn’t a season this year, it’s possible that he will have played his last game for the Hornets.

  3. I went to that Bleacherreport site, and yes the trade is Intriging, but in the end i wouldn’t go with it. We’re trying to get a team to work w/CP3 not get rid of him all together, unless we have no chance of Resigning him or failed to convincing him that we are trying to put a team together!!!

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