Legit Trades (part 1)

Published: August 21, 2011

I thank all of you who left comments. Now that I look at it my last post had some flaws. So I thought of a new trade.


                                      Magic, Hornets


E. Okafor, resign D. West, M. Bellineli, 1st rd pick, D. Anderson, Patrick Ewing Jr.


D. Howard, JJ Redick, R. Anderson



Pros: They get one of the best c,pf combinations in the leage. Also they get a good shooter and a quality draft pick and a tall,big center. Earl Clark can move to pf 

Cons:Okafor has a bad contract and West has a bad knee. Anderson is 31 and Bellineli cant play d


Pros:We get the best center in the leage who we pair up with the best point guard. We also switch out jj and willie green. Then Ryan Anderson will help replace David Anderson.

Cons:We now dont have alot of backups. We still have a HUGE hole in the backup sf position.

ORL:B+ They acquire enough quality players to keep getting better and getting more chemistry.     Starting 5: Nelson/Richardson/Turkoglu/West/Okafor         Backups: Arenas/Bellineli/Richarson/Bass/Orton

NOH:A+ We will be the best team in about 3 years.     Starting 5: Paul/Redick/Ariza/Landry/Howard       Backups: Jack/Green/Pondexter/Anderson/Gray


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