The best most realistic offseason move.

Hey Hornets fan back at it again. Wearing my GM hat. After having some of my trade proposal called “based on fantasy” I’m here with a great offseason moves that has great value for us and maybe most importantly very probable.

Ok I have crunched the numbers, watched videos, and read rumors and reports of all the teams involved. Also this moves will be under the assumption that we have a cap of 63million and floor of 53million and a ceiling of 73million with a luxury tax of 4dollars for every dollar of the 63million cap.

These moves will contain multi trades and multi team trades. OK here goes.

The first trade will be with the Houston Rockets.

HOU Acquires

E. Okafor

NOH Acquires

J. Flynn, J. Hill, T. Williams

Houston- They need a C with Yao retiring. Right now they have a foreign rookie and Hasheem Thabeet. Emeka is also a native of Houston so he should be well received.

Houston- would be @51.3mil leaving them 11.7mil under the cap.

NOH- We deal Okafor bad contract to a willing receiver, and get 3 bodies 2 of which I have starting for us. On top of shedding 4mil in salary.

NOH- would be @41.7mil leaving us 21.3 mil under the cap

HOU- B- Houston solidifies it’s 5spot with hometown product after Yao retires. They only take on 4mil in salary and trade away 3 guys who have yet to play consistently since they have been with the team(in Flynn’s case before he ever suits up).

NOH- B We sheds a bad contract and pick up size(something that’s the goal this offseason) and bodies since we only have 6 guys under contract.

Ok trade #2

This trade would include Memphis Grizzlies and Indiana Pacers.

MEM Acquires

T. Ariza, J. Jack

IND Acquires

R. Gay, O.J. Mayo

NOH Acquires

D. Granger

Memphis-  The Griz won’t love trading Gay away (and may be kicking themselves later), but under the circumstances may have little choice. After signing Z-Bo, with Marc Gasol on the opening market, guys like Tony Allen not to far behind and not a ton of depth salary will be an issue. While they won’t say it they just made a strong playoff push without him. Xavier Henry getting healthy makes Mayo and his 5.6mil contract expendable. They get a capable replacement for Gay in Ariza for almost a third of the cost. Ariza will be able to be a lock down defender and is better as a 4rd scoring option. And to top it off they have a need for a back up to Conley, Jack will fit that role prefectly(he did here).

Indiana- Why the hell would they trade Granger? Two words Rudy Gay. And if he isn’t enough Mayo add some serious fire power to the Pacers. These two will take a lot of pressure off Darren Collison.

NOH- We get our on local product in Granger. While I prefer to have Rudy, Danny may be a better fit since he’s a much better shooter from the perimeter, and would be better in the pick-n-pop game with Paul. Aslo he’s 3mil cheaper this season alone than Gay.

MEM- would be @47.8(without counting Gasol) putting under the cap 15.2mil

MEM- C They need to shed salary get a decent replacement for their star and fill the need for the back up PG.

IND- would be @45.7 putting them 17.3 mil under the cap.

IND- A- I think Gay has the potential to be a superstar. In a vacuum he is superior to Granger and younger. They also get Mayo who should be a starter when the season starts(if it ever does).

NOH- would be @41.7(Ariza and Jack are pretty much even money for Granger)

NOH- B+ We get Chris is “Robin” and he fits us well. He’s better than West (IMO), 3 years younger and with out the major knee injury. A good perimeter defender not Ariza, but he’s so much better offensively it’s a major upgrade. Like I said eariler I perfer Gay but at 3mil more this season alone( and his contract grows almost twice as much over the next 3years) Gay is slightly out of our price range.

We want to get taller and longer these trades accomplishes that. Hill 6’10 PF, Williams 6’6SG, and Granger 6’8SF are all taller then the guys they would replace. We are left over 20mil in cap space to fill out the roster. We are still without a center. As many of you may know I am extremely high on DeAndre Jordan 6’11C is also taller than the guy he replaces. With 20mil I’m sure we can match or beat any offers, and still have plenty to fill out the roster. Maybe bringing back Gray or Mbenga as a back up center. The FA PF list is solid whether we lean toward defense with a guy like Leon Powe or Josh Powell. Or if we rather go offensively and sign a Troy Murphy.

The starting line up would be




For those who aren’t fimilar with the players we would trade for here’s some videos

Terrence Williams-

Jordan Hill-

DeAndre Jordan-

Danny Granger-


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    • The Griz were already looking to move Mayo before Gay got injured. If were looking at a cap of 65mil or under. Memphis will have to choose between over paying Gay or keeping Gasol at market value. My guest is they keep Gasol.

    • I actually tried these trade scenerios on trade Machine, but I added Roy Hibbert, and I think we should give up our 1st RDP to Mem as well to the deal and it still went down so actually our lineup is like this w/ the addition of A.Ajinca,R.Butler,VLad Rad, the resigning of W.Green(we all know that he’s M.Williams & our GM’s favorite)& a trade for J.pargo!!!


      J.Flynn/W.Green/T.Will/Vlad Rad/A.Ajinca

      J.Pargo/R.Butler/P-dub JR./D-L/D-L

      • I forgot to put that……………………. I smell playoff second round game 7 (4 sho) or more towards the championship BABY!!! i still think once D.West sees that we got D.Granger, R.Hibbert, Jordan Hill, J.Flynn,and T.Will. I seriously think D.West is gonna want to come back, and most of these players are CHEAP! except 4 CP3 (16+mil) and D.Granger (12+) unless we sign one of our free agents over 7.5+mill. we still could have enough in the cap to PROBABLY! resign West.

  1. 1st the Griz already want to move Mayo and there’s rumors they want to move Gay. Once again this is under a different cap system then what we have now. This would be a move for salary dumping purposes. Once again it may come down to Gay’s contract in a salary cap system not his on court ability. If the current system isn’t cap or have an extremely high luxury tax then yes this deal isn’t likely, but I am almost certain once everything is said and done there will be a cap some kind of overall cap on spending. And if there is a certain percentage you can exceed the cap it won’t be more than 15% and the luxury tax will start at the cap and will be more taxing than 1to1.

    • If we end up with a cap of 63mil which may be a lot more than where the owners want it. If the kept Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo they would have less than 7mil to fill out their roster not counting Marc Gasol.

  2. Alright I agree with Bee-Fense and neitzelbaby12 I don’t see that happening with that trade w/MEM unless they add a 4th team with that trade (Phi,GSW, or LAC for ex.) heres my offseason moves.

    first of all remember what it will take to win a championship: 2 or 3 big-time scorers, 2 or 3 athletic-defensive starter (depending on how many BT scorer you have in your starting lineup), a sixth man (Overall), 2 role player off the bench (who can score). the rest of the team focus only on defense and score whenever they get a chance!

    now we should select realistic players who to target as a scorer for this team in via trade: Dwight Howard, Monta Ellis, Kevin Martin, Iggy, andrea Bangnani, Brook Lopez and Danny Granger

    honestly enough we can get at least two if not one of these players.
    how to get these player
    Dwight Howard: resign D.West (sign and Trade), w/ 1st RDP and Okafor
    Monta Ellis: Okafor w/ 1st RDP, and T.Ariza
    K.Martin:Okafor w/1st RDP, and J.Jack
    Iggy: Okafor w/ T.Ariza
    AB: C.Landry (S&T) Okafor, w/ 1st RDP(optional),
    B. Lopez: D.West (Sign and Trade) w/ Okafor
    D. Granger: D.West (S&T) w/T.Ariza or 1st Rdp

    If I was to choose out of these trades to start from it would be D. Granger(12.01Mil/K.Martin(11.5) w/ these two trade we get SG and SF scorer leaving us to get two tall-Defensive twin tower type PF & C

    mini trade: J.McGee (2.4 mil) (Wash) for A.Gray (1.0mil)/M.Belinelli(2.3Mil) 2ndDP(OPT)
    J.Pargo (Chi) (1.1mil) for Q.Pondexter (2nd RDP 2013) (Opt)
    so far salary: D.Granger(12mil),K.Martin(12mil)J.McGee(2.4 mil),CP3(16min) Pat Ew (884K), D. Anderson(2.7Mil)=45.49 mil-68 mil=21.41 mil left

    signing:D. Andre Jordan PF/C(5-7.5mil)(Starter),Rasul Butler G/F(2.2Mil)(Role Pl.), Vlad Radmanovic (F)(3.4 mil)(Bench), T-Mac (Sixth Man) G/F (4.5-7Mil) (Note:I rather say we pay J.R. Smith the 4.5-7.5 mil because he’s worth it, but I didn’t think that J.R. would be interested in coming home), Chris Wilcox PF/C (4.5 mil) (Role Pl.) the rest can be signed through D-League for very cheap prices! so the line-up could look like this!

    PG:CP3, J.Pargo, D-L
    SF:D-Granger,R.Butler, Vlad Radmanovic, Pat Ewing JR.
    PF:D.Jordan, C.Wilcox,V.Rad, D-L, Pat Ewing
    C: J.McGee, C. Wilcox, D-L

    (not fully accurate) but theirs still 5.71 mil$ left in the salary cap. that should be enough to sign some D-L players. everybody know that the hornets love to make their money stretch!!

    comment on that and tell me how U feel!!!!!!

    • I see names like David West and Aaron Gray. You realise these guys are not under contract right? Why would David West be involved in a S&T when he can just go where ever he wanted to?

      What salary system are you operating under? There’s no way even under the current system we would be able to afford spending 40million dollars on 3 players. None.

  3. Ooh Yeah typo I forgot D.Anderson he’s still under Hornets contract even tho he want to sign w/ another league! so their will be no need for three D-Ls. or maybe we want need any, but they will get for sure a PG D-Leaguer if this situation happens!!!

    • Where are you getting your info from?

      We have 6 players(Paul, Okafor, Ariza, Jack, Belinelli, and Pondexter) under contract 1player(Belinelli) is a restricted FA. These players are our only asset if we’re trying to make trades. Any trade scenarios involving anybody other than those 6players isn’t possible.

      • its possible for david West to do a Sign and trade, hornets just gotta know how to mouth piece em.’ I betcha nobody thought Lebron James 0r Chris Bosh would do a sign and trade deal, but it happened.belinelli agreed to just sign as restricted which mean “possiblites.” as for A.Gray you do do have a point on that one. and I also got it that info from “Trade Machine”. I guess from your reaction I take it wasn’t fully accurate. but some this can happen!

  4. @Crazyb
    My point is West would have to want to go where we are sending him. He’s made it clear he wants to win. Why would he be willing sign and trade to Orlando so we can get Howard? Why would Orlando agree to signing West when nobody has any idea how he’ll perform @31 coming off major knee surgery?

    The trade machine isn’t up to date.

  5. The best we could hope for is a sign and trade with whatever team he chooses. And that’s only so he could sign for a more money. Under the next CBA things like S&T and the Bird rule will most likely be gone.

  6. yea Ur right about Trade macine, and nobody knows how West will be. That’s why its call a risk! but do you honestly think its impossible for the hornets to resign D.West and trade him now or maybe later on towards the trade deadline. by the way how you put it makes it seemed like we can’t resign him and that he’s worthless to others. he’s not, he’s still the #2 overall best Free Agent now, so if teams like InD, and Nets want him, we have to outbid them just so we can see how badly their willing to get him! its all about strategy.question is now do the hornets have what it take?

    • If West does a S&T it will be to get more money here so his contract is bigger where ever he goes. Who’s going to trade for West at a contract higher than they can sign him as a FA? So if West isn’t getting a bigger contract why do it.

      I’m not sure West is the 2nd best FA this batch is pretty weak. But I think his age and his injury will scare a lot of teams. Not to mention the cap situation. It may make teams a lot more cautious about who they give money to. All things considered I’m not saying West doesn’t have value, my issue is West holds his on faith in his hands
      so making plans around him just based on that alone males then low percentage ideas.

      • if what you say is true then indeed we can resign him since other teams are afraid to get him! the best thing for the hornets to do is sign him for now, and see how he plays. I have a felling the hornets are going resign him especially if others don’t want to take that risk. It’s more likely West will resign w/Hornets but his pay will be increased. after that we can keep or trade him later on once everyone sees if West is worth trading for.

  7. Either way it goes other realistic trades like the ones w/ME8,K-Mart, and Iggy are still possible trades + its still possible for us 2 get West back even more as long as we make one of those trades, sign a an athletic Center like D.Jordan. That’s enough right there to resign D.West, because like you said West wants to win a championship and thats enough to convince him and CP3 that we R focus on Championship! @Da Thorne

    • Of all those names the only one I would say would be good and that’s Iggy. Seriously doubt Houston moves Wat-Mart(there’s already a K-Mart in the league) salary won’t be an issue for them. And as much as I like Monte he’s not a good fit for with Paul. The problem with Iggy I’m not sure you can’t rely on him being the main scorer. I don’t think his offensive is that potent to put the scoring duty on him every night like a West or Granger.

  8. Throne i completely agree with you, and like all the moves. Still mem trade will be hard to pull. Simply because we/ind wont be the only team trying to gain Gays services. My one thing is you said this makes us longer? by 2 inches overall? Belli 6’5 to Twill 6’6 and belli maybe the better player; Jhill 6’10 to West 6’10, and depending on how West recovers hes the better player; Ariza 6’8 to Granger 6’8 (if he is in fact only 6’8), and this is the only place i see vast improvement; and Oak 6’10 for Jordan 6’11 and Jordan is the more athletic player but could be a toss up when Oak is playing well!

    • Memphis after losing Gay would need a cheaper defensives SF that can contribute some scoring, Ariza fits that perfectly. Then they need a solid veteran back up PG that’s fit Jack perfectly. All they would need is a back up C. I’m not sure any other team in the league can offer Memphis the quality we can offer will still saving them over 9mil in cap space.

      West is 6’9 and Ariza is 6’7 so that’s four inches. That’s not counting the huge increase in athletism at the 2, 4, & 5 spots. T-Will is the only player that concerns me for us in this trade. If he understand that this may very well be his last chance and start living up to that potential he far exceed what Marco gives us.

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