2011-2012 Off-season moves (pt. 4) “Riverboat Gamble”

Published: July 29, 2011

Hey Hornets fans. How about that NFL off-season action? Hopefully we get something similar in the NBA this year (meaning there is NBA this year). On the assumption we do here’s another post season moves I hope the Hornets make.

This move doesn’t revolve around a trade scenario rather a free agent signing and a very controversial one at that. I propose we pick up Greg Oden. Portland picked-up his option which means to sign him he is due at least 8.8mil next season. A season Greg has no plans of starting day 1 (unless of course games are missed) because he wants to be 100% comfortable with his knee before coming back.

The Good

Oden has the potential to compete with Howard over the next few years as the best center in the game. While he’s not a physical freak for his size like D. Howard, D. Jordan, or J. McGee, he’s way more skilled then all three (maybe just more for Howard because his work with “The Dream” is paying off). At almost 7’1 he’s close to 2 inches taller than Jordan and Howard. He can be both a defensive anchor and consistent post scorer (although when I last saw him he still needs to polish his offensive game, maybe find a mid range jumpshot).

As far as a contract is concerned I highly doubt Portland wants to sign Greg to any deal. I’m sure their banking that his 8.8mil dollar price tag will keep teams away so they can test him one year before they make any final decisions. So we may not need to offer him a crazy amount of money just a deal with some years. Still signing him would carry significant risk.

The Bad

Oden is injury prone, no way around it. In order for this to work he would have to stay injury free something he has yet to prove.

We’re still left with Okafor’s contract. Even though I’m sure we could moved him to Philly, Denver, GS basically any team with a opening at C.



I view this as a last resort. If we are unable to bring in any kind of star player to pair Paul with and excite the fan base I wouldn’t have a problem with this move. As a poker player I understand there comes a time when you have to throw caution to the wind. Signing Oden may be the all-in move that makes us champions.


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  1. BJAH

    August 8, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    Wow, I just read TrueHoops and the reality of an NBA team remaing in New Orleans, and the related issues. I guess I continue to comment on 24/7, for the same reason others write journals, blogs, etc. – – nothing else to do – – live a boring life. Fact is, there is no good news anyway you look at it. I’ll probably make a few more comment that people ignore – because they think NBA ball is something to discuss in New Orleans, because we have a team. Enjoy, it will end very soon.

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