2011-12 Off-season moves (pt. 3) “Smooth in Easy”

Published: July 28, 2011


Hey Hornets fans. Continuing the daily journals with another trade I think would make us a better.

A common theme with my posts will be trading Okafor.  I think he’s a below average center with a really bad contract. This trade is merely for the purpose of getting him off this roster.

This is a simple two team, two player trade.

Here goes.


Acquires E. Okafor


Acquires J. Smith

This trade is pretty much even money so each team will be the same cap wise.


Pro’s- They clearly aren’t overly impressed with Big Smooth.  Picking up a “true” center allows them to move Horford to his natural position at PF.

Con’s- It just depends on how they feel about Smith vs. Okafor.


Pro’s- We move Okafor bad contract. We also pair Smith with Paul. We haven’t had  anybody with J. Smith athleticism on teams in years. His help side defense is something that would be a huge plus for us. And if West leave which is likely that’s one less hole.

ATL-  C- I really don’t respect Okafor’s game and when you factor in his contract I hate him on this team.

NOH-  C+ We are slightly better, but I’m not sure how much this impress CP3.

We would still need a C and a SG. I have already express my desire to sign DeAndre Jordan.  I also listed a group of very capable FA SG’s.




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