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Heard that chris broussard said that in the off-seasn okc will be seeking a wesbrook harden deal for cp3. dont know how true it is but it stemmed from the westbrook blow up from brooks and they figure cp3 cn get durant the ball in the spots he wants.

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  1. I can’t see this happening. There’s no way a team 3 games away from the finals would give up its 2nd best player (and best bench player) so easily.

    Personally, I hate Westbrook almost as much as Rondo, and I don’t want him to rep New Orleans on his chest.

  2. Don’t see how the Thunder are talking about breaking up their team already, let alone actually considering it. Also don’t see how the Hornets are even talking about trading CP3 without seeing the new CBA and seeing what they can do in at least this off season to improve the players around him.

    Broussard gets paid to throw it against the wall and see what sticks with the readers. It doesn’t mean he knows anything when he writes something.

    • 504ever, you are exactly right on all your points! I like Broussard, but I can’t believe people take his or any of those guys off the wall “inside scoops” as anything close to reality.

  3. Salaries don’t have to match next season according to current CBA rules and they’ll end up just under the cap with 11 players on the roster, so it’s at least possible as stated.

    We’d save $8 million. So, why would we do it besides that? And would the NBA want to trade a a guy worth WAY more than $8m to the value of the franchise when they won’t own the team when it would be option time next July?

  4. I wouldn’t do it unless it was Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka, Perkins, and Sefalosha for Paul and Okafor. And that’s ONLY if Chris Paul doesn’t sign the extension and says he wants out. In any scenario where Chris Paul wants to stay, he stays. But if he doesn’t sign the extension and wants to move on, I can’t see a better package than Westbrook and role players.

  5. Trading Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook is like trading Isiah Thomas for Stephon Marbury .

  6. they’ve got to start using Westbrook the way the Fiba Champion team did. He played the two in college , just saying … probley gonna end being Starbury though.

  7. I would never trade CP3 unless he was willing to leave NOH, then I say trade him for a high profile player with first round draft picks, but he wanted to stay and they still wanted to trade him then they shouldn’t do it. That would be more stupid then when they traded Chandler away, or when let J.R. Smith go, or when they traded MT23 away. Do You kno what I mean!!!???

  8. Chris Broussard talks out his ass. Yes he’s somewhat connected, but his information is as reliable as Kazakhstan made automobile. He said that after the Lakers signed Mike Brown that Kobe was “very happy with the hire.” Then a couple of hours later he changed his stance.

    How can we even know if the Thunder have even talked about it. You would think the first thing they would talk about in meetings would be, “Okay let’s see about this CBA.” Not, “Oh man let’s get Chris Paul!” Broussard thinks he’s in with the Lebron and CP3 click when in fact he really is not.

    • Broussard is not that bad and is as much in the know as most of sports writer, etc. But like everyone else his going to have a CP3 story until – a. There’s some real evidence that N. O. will be an NBA city in a year (& there’s none) & b. The day CP3 signs a contract with a team in N.O.
      That simple.

  9. As a Chris Paul fan (and I also claim him as my favorite player too) I must say that this would be a ‘STEAL’ for the Hornets if the trade was;

    CP3 for Westbrook, Harden, & Nate Robinson, along with extra cap room.

    Why would the Hornets turn that trade down?

    They would have a potential superstar replacement in Westbrook who tries to score often like we wish CP3 would. The Hornets would also have there starting 2-guard with Harden. Lastly, they’d round out their guard rotation by adding Nate Robinson alongside of Jarret Jack off the bench.

    Now all the Hornets would have to do is focus on Big Man help during free agency for next season.

    Who could argue with:

    F- West, Landry
    F- Ariza, Pondexter
    C- Okafor, ?
    G- Harden, Jack
    G- Westbrook, Robinson

    West would be excellent as the 2nd scoring option with Westbrook as the 1st, and Harden would keep his familiar scoring role as the 3rd option. CP3 always forced D-West to be the main scoring option … which he is NOT!!!

    I think some Hornets fans, including myself, struggle with the enivitable … Chris Paul leaving the Hornets within 1-year. It’s going to happen. So, let’s get what we can … and what we can get right now isn’t bad!!!


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