Down but certainly not out

As the NBA season sets upon the skyline of Lousiana, I can’t help but be proud and depressed at the same time. The New Orleans Hornets, a team i’ve supported since Jordan left the Bulls, took the 2 time defending champions to 6 games. That is not an easy task, in actuality, that is as daunting of a task as it gets. the Lakers were the WORST possible matchup for them(their size is a mismatch for most teams but most especially for the Hornets) , in possibly the WORST situation the Hornets could get in(only a CP3 injury could have been worse), in possibly the WRONG time(Hornets looked like they needed a series win to at least get a chance to retain CP3). But just like the steely demeanor of their head coach, rookie coach Monty Williams, they accepted the challenge and answered the call. Although they were not able to advance to the 2nd round, this series has showed us what ALL NOLA fans wanted to feel – a CP3 who’s fully invested in the city.We'll be back next season better than every, you'll see

You could actually feel it, you could actually hear it, you could actually see it. And while it certainly feels like there is just bias on my part, go back and listen to CP3’s post game comments. Don’t tell me that’s not someone who loves playing for this team and someone who’s optimistic about the city. This series showed him that NOLA is a few steps from being a contender. All they need is a new owner *cough* CHOUEST *cough* CHOUEST *cough*, a year of offseason planning again and another NBA calendar to prove to him that we’ve got it here. Obviously, looking into the future of the NBA now is like looking through the window on a rainy day – it’s dark, it’s cloudy and it’s cold; what with all the questions on the CBA and a possible lockout that can wipe out 3 months of NBA basketball and more. but that’s just it, right after the rain comes sunshine. And the sun has never shined brighter over Louisiana. We got a once in a lifetime player on our team, cap space, a renewed and promising front office in Demps & Co. and coaching staff in Monty & Co.(who by the way, are like yin ang yang. They both fit like hand and glove); a front office that can provide CP3 with a competitive and sustainable team(unlike the 0708 team of Bower) and a dedicated and hardworking staff in Monty Williams, Randy Ayers, Mike Malone, Fred Vinson, Bryan Gates and James Borrego that will make the team well prepared for EACH game, all is not doom and gloom. And although the end of 2010 – 2011 season will certainly spark all those CP3 to NY, CHA and wherever city that trivial journalists will send CP3, i am hopeful for the future. The night is darkest just before the dawn, and i assure you the dawn is coming and everyone will see that the Hornets were down, but most certainly not out. 


Thank you Hornets for a wonderful season. It was a roller coaster ride filled with all kinds of uppest ups! and downest of down. But that’s what makes it fun right? till next season, and you can count on me, to continue to be the fan that i am. GEAUX HORNETS! 


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  1. Great write up- thank you for sharing.

    I agree- CP3 is IN. Let’s just hope the CBA gets settled in such a way that it attracts a local owner that will lay down permanent roots in NOLA. If that happens, I think every domino from there will fall nicely.

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